Embarcações e Navios Vintage

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Re: Embarcações e Navios Vintage
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War History online proudly presents this Guest Piece from Chris Knupp

Determining what would have been the greatest heavy cruiser would be a challenging task. Very successful designs were put to sea by a variety of nations. However, there was one cruiser that was born from all cruisers before it. This class of warship took the lessons from World War 2 and was designed around them. The vessel I speak of is the Des Moines class cruiser. A little-known cruiser due to its late introduction, the Des Moines found itself overshadowed by the emergence of ship-launched missiles. Despite serving for almost 25 years, their capabilities are largely unknown. What makes these ships the greatest heavy cruiser designs and how were they developed as such?

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"Nunca, no campo dos conflitos humanos, tantos deveram tanto a tão poucos." W.Churchil



"Navios da marinha russa, visitam Lisboa em Agosto"

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Fotos de Navios da NATO em Santa Apolónia (29/04/2006)

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Fotos de navios-patrulha das Forças de Defesa das Bahamas

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Novos navios de apoio logístico da DCN francesa

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