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Re: Marinha Real Canadiana
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Durante 2019, los 4 submarinos canadienses no navegaron ni un solo día!!, por sus numerosos problemas:
A España servir hasta morir



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Re: Marinha Real Canadiana
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A 'Canadianised' Type 26 Frigate. Image via BAE.
Work starts on Rolls-Royce facility to support Canadian Type 26 Frigate build
Rolls-Royce say it welcomed Canadian Minister Maryam Monsef to break ground on a new expansion to its Centre of Excellence for Naval Handling equipment in Peterborough, Ontario.
Design and manufacture of the Rolls-Royce Mission Bay Handling System (MBHS) will take place inside the new facility expansion say the firm.
“The MBHS is an innovative, adaptable and flexible feature of the Global Combat Ship design, selected for the Canadian Surface Combatant (CSC), Australian Hunter Class and UK Type 26 programs. The Canadian Federal Government has already selected the Global Combat Ship design for the Royal Canadian Navy’s 15 new CSC ships. 
This significant investment in the expansion of infrastructure to support the CSC program demonstrates the company’s commitment to developing advanced industrial technologies to benefit the Canadian economy and Canada’s Armed Forces.”
Rolls-Royce say it has already expanded its supply chain in Canada to meet the significant domestic and international export opportunities created by the Global Combat Ship program, enabling the company to sustain significant growth of the Canadian economy well into the future.
Bruce Lennie, Rolls-Royce, Vice President, Business Development & Government Affairs said:
“We are pleased to welcome Minister Monsef, MPP Smith and Mayor Therrien to mark this significant milestone in developing our infrastructure which will support the Canadian Surface Combatant program. This Centre will harness and build upon the wealth of Canadian engineering and technological expertise we have at Rolls-Royce. We look forward to growing our business in country, further developing our supply chain and enhancing our contributions to the Canadian economy.”
The MBHS has the capability to launch and recover naval vehicles and move containerised packages without the aid of a dockside crane.

The multi-functional system can also be easily adapted to support custom operational requirements, such as humanitarian missions, by providing the space for medical facilities and aid supplies. Read more about the Mission Bay Handling System here.

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Re: Marinha Real Canadiana
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Houvesse dinheiro...  ::)


Cabeça de Martelo

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Re: Marinha Real Canadiana
« Responder #63 em: Fevereiro 22, 2020, 11:03:40 am »
Houvesse dinheiro...  ::)

Este projeto não é para quem quer, é para quem pode.
7. Todos os animais são iguais mas alguns são mais iguais que os outros.



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"Navios da marinha russa, visitam Lisboa em Agosto"

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Entrega do submarino U-33 (tipo A209A) à Marinha Alemã

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