China lança satélite comercial

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China lança satélite comercial
« em: Abril 13, 2005, 12:52:31 pm »
Successful Launch of Alcatel Apstar VI Communications Satellite from China
(Source: Alcatel Space; issued April 12, 2005)
 PARIS --- The Apstar VI communications satellite, built by prime contractor Alcatel Space, a subsidiary of Alcatel, was successfully boosted into orbit today by a Long March 3B launcher from Xichang satellite launch center in China. Apstar VI offers APT Satellite Holdings Limited (APT), a leading satellite operator in the Asia Pacific region, the capability to provide advanced broadband multimedia, new digital television services and traditional telecommunications services to telecom and television operators in the Asia Pacific region.  
Based on Alcatel Space Spacebus 4000 C1 platform, the Apstar VI high-powered and high capacity satellite is fitted with 38 C-band transponders and 12 Ku-band transponders. It is the second new generation Spacebus 4000, one of the largest and most powerful satellite platforms available on the market today, built by Alcatel Space.  
The transponders are tailor-made for APT and based on the latest space technology thus enabling enhanced terrestrial reception quality and reduced size C-band receiving dishes over a wide footprint that extends from India and China to Australia.  
In addition, China, a promising market, is covered with a dedicated high power Ku-band beam for broadband multimedia transmission.  
After the SINOSAT 1 satellite built by Alcatel Space for the China Academy of Space Technology (CAST), launched in July 1998 and still in service, Apstar VI enhances the relationship between Alcatel Space and China further enhancing their cooperation.  
Alcatel Space, a wholly owned subsidiary of Alcatel, is the world's third-largest satellite manufacturer and Number 1 in Europe. Deploying extensive dual expertise in civil and military applications, Alcatel Space develops satellite solutions for telecommunications, navigation, radar and optical observation, meteorology and science. The company is also the leading European prime contractor for earth observation, meteorology and navigation ground segments, and for space system operation. Alcatel Space is today leading Eurely, the European consortium bidding for the Galileo concession.  


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