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Força Aérea Austríaca Novo
« em: Dezembro 22, 2022, 07:52:31 pm »
Como substituto dos velhinhos ALIII, foi recebido o primeiro AW169M, de uma encomenda de 18 unidades.
O responsável da Defesa Austríaca exerceu a opção de adquirir mais 18 helis deste modelo, que  irão equipar três Esquadrões.

Uma escolha e quantidade adequadas a uma Nação que se preocupa com a sua segurança e Defesa Nacionais.
Não me venham os especialistas iluminados dizer que os motivos que levaram à escolha do modelo e ao seu numero foram devidos à localização geográfica do País.

VIENNA --- Here you will find answers to questions about the procurement cooperation with Italy:

1. What is the procurement volume?
The government-to-government (G2G) contract has a volume of around 346 million euros. With the costs for infrastructure provisions (hangar construction or renovation, simulator building, other structural measures), for components to be provided and taking into account 20% sales tax, the total expenses for the Ministry of Defense amount to approx. 446 million euros. With a contract adjustment (i.e. with the purchase of a further 18 helicopters), the total volume is approx. 304 million euros. Taking into account the infrastructural measures and sales tax, the Ministry of Defense will save a total of around 427 million euros.

2. How much does a helicopter cost to purchase?
A helicopter of this type costs between eight and 15 million euros to purchase, depending on the equipment and additional packages.

3. How many helicopters will be procured?
With the option signed on December 21, 2022, a procurement of 36 units is planned in order to have enough helicopters available at all times to handle tasks. You have to include maintenance and training here.

4. What about value creation for the Austrian economy?
There are already a few companies in Austria that work as suppliers for the Leonardo Group. The Chamber of Commerce maintains close contact with the manufacturer of the AW169 in order to be able to involve Austrian companies in the added value.

5. Why did you choose the most expensive helicopter?
For a concrete comparison, not only the price, but also the capabilities (performance, speed, suitability in high alpine terrain, seats, payload, avionics equipment, ...) of a helicopter must be used. Helicopters of this size are in the same price segment. For example, the Norwegian police procured helicopters after the AW169 emerged as the best bidder and the Airbus H-145 lost.

6. Why was there no award procedure?
The BMLV was looking for a partner with whom cooperation in all areas is possible in order to be able to work cost-optimized over the entire life cycle of a system. No cooperation with partner nations can be established via an award procedure, such as joint use of simulators, optimized warehousing, modifications in the life cycle, but in particular joint exercises, deployment preparation and deployments.

7. Why was this model chosen?
Cooperation is key. In Italy, the BMLV has found a partner who is willing to cooperate with the Austrian Armed Forces in all areas of military helicopter operations. After Italy will procure up to 100 AW169s, which also meet Austrian requirements (40 helicopters have already been contractually fixed and some have already been delivered), this helicopter will be procured as part of an overall cooperation.

8. Do you already have experience with this company?
The Army operates the AB-212 manufactured by Leonardo Helicopter (formerly Agusta Westland). The AB-204 and the AB-206, which were or are operated by the army, also come from this production. The radar systems for airspace surveillance and military airfields are also products of the Leonardo Group.

9. Is the helicopter able to fly at night?

10. When will the first helicopter land in Austria?
The first helicopter will be handed over to the Air Force by Defense Minister Klaudia Tanner on December 21, 2022. The other helicopters will be added in the following years and all 36 helicopters should be in Austria by 2028.

11. Where will the helicopters be stationed?
12 helicopters are stationed in Langenlebarn as operational helicopters, 12 helicopters as operational helicopters in Aigen/Ennstal and 12 as training helicopters/operational helicopters in Langenlebarn

12. Can existing infrastructure be used or are there additional costs?
Parking and material maintenance are partly possible in the available hangars on the respective military airfields. In any case, new buildings or renovations of existing infrastructure will be necessary both for the helicopters and in particular for the simulators. Appropriate budgetary funds are reserved for this purpose.

13. What does the type decision mean for the pilots/technicians?
An initial package of retraining courses for pilots and technicians was procured. Future training will then be carried out by the army itself.

14. Can this helicopter do anything the "Alouette" III can do?
The AW169 can do everything the "Alouette" III could do and will do even more. This ranges from a higher transport capacity in the cabin to the ability to transport heavier external loads and the ability to fly under instrument flight conditions

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