High Tech "Battlelab" para o Exército Britânico

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High Tech "Battlelab" para o Exército Britânico
« em: Outubro 28, 2004, 11:04:28 pm »
High Tech 'Battlelab' to Open in Warminster  
(Source: UK Ministry of Defence; issued Oct. 27, 2004)
 A 'Battlelab' which will give the Army access to cutting edge technology as it develops has been built at Warminster Land Warfare Centre as part of a £300m programme which could revolutionise the way a commander plans and fights a battle.  
The Battlelab is part of the Joint Effects Tactical Targeting System (JETTS), a software project which will give commanders swifter and more efficient control of their assets in the battlefield.  
Lord Bach, Minister for Defence Procurement said: "JETTS is a hugely complex project which will automatically synchronise everything from artillery to fast jets, so that they can work together quickly and safely, ensuring land commanders get the most from all the assets at their disposal on the battlefield.  
"The new facility here at Warminster will be used to test the software as it develops and allow the Army to experiment with new tactics and doctrines in a synthetic environment. The Battlelab will be vital to the development of JETTS - a project which could have dramatic implications for the way a battle is planned and fought."  
The facility will have 11 full-time staff, including officers from all three Services and Raytheon Systems Ltd., the JETTS prime contractor.  
1. Raytheon were awarded the contract for the two and a half year assessment phase in June this year.  
2. The outcome of the Assessment Phase will be carefully examined before any commitment is made to the Manufacture Phase of the JETTS programme which will come under a separate contract.  
3. The overall procurement cost of the programme is around £300M.  
4. JETTS will be used principally by staff at Division, Brigade and Battlegroup HQs for the management, co-ordination, integration and synchronisation of assets.  
5. JETTS is anticipated to achieve initial capability in 2007 with full operational capability in 2015.  
6. JETTS software will be of open architecture and will develop in increments giving maximum flexibility, growth and export potential, whilst avoiding the risks usually associated with a software project. Elements of JETTS will also be available for re-use by other MOD projects.