Novo veículo blindado ultra ligeiro

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Novo veículo blindado ultra ligeiro
« em: Outubro 19, 2004, 11:45:33 pm »
Arotech’s Armour Division Launches New Ultra Light Armored Combat Vehicle at the 2004 AUSA  
(Source: Arotech Corp.; issued Oct. 18, 2004)
 NEW YORK --- Arotech Corporation announced today that its MDT Armor vehicle-armoring subsidiary will be launching its new ultra light armored combat vehicle at the 2004 AUSA Annual Meeting and Exposition on October 25-27 in Washington, DC.  
The new vehicle - the David - was designed by MDT for Special Operation units that need a small, versatile and easy to maneuver armored combat vehicle. Tailored for the urban environment of the Low Intensity Conflict, the David offers armor piercing protection for a crew of 7, wide doors for fast in/out of troops on a platform that can easily get in and out of tight urban streets and alleys. The entire cabin, including front and rear doors, was designed by MDT, and built on a Land Rover Defender platform, utilizing advanced and composite materials. The David can also be built on a Mercedes G Wagon Platform. The David has been tested by the Israeli Defense Force, which has several units already in service.  
“The David is a vehicle unique to MDT,” said Robert S. Ehrlich, Arotech Chairman and CEO. “It’s a small fully armored combat vehicle, but it can carry more soldiers than an armored HMMWWV (Humvee) and into tighter spots.”  
MDT will be displaying in booth #4249 of the 2004 AUSA Annual Meeting and Exposition in the Washington Convention Center in Washington, DC. An armored 5-seater Land Rover Defender SUV will be on display, together with body armor and HMMWWV armor kits manufactured by Arotech’s Armour of America subsidiary.  


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