Armada de Timor Leste

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Armada de Timor Leste
« em: Abril 19, 2018, 06:56:15 pm »
Austal finalizes deal for Timor Leste PPB pair

Photo: Austal

Australian shipbuilder Austal has finalized the contract for two Guardian-class Pacific Patrol Boats (PPB) to be built for Timor Leste.

As informed, the additional contract is worth A$29.7 million and increases the total program from 19 to 21 vessels.

The potential for the extension to the existing PPB contract was first announced last year and has now been formally signed with Austal.

The PPB program creates intergovernmental cooperation to aid regional security in the South Pacific by helping to secure maritime borders in that region.

“The first PPB is on schedule for launch at the end of May with construction of the following two vessels already well underway with the fourth vessel commencing construction in June,” David Singleton, Austal CEO, said.

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