Novo capacete (helmet) do exército americano

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Novo capacete (helmet) do exército americano
« em: Agosto 26, 2004, 08:36:16 pm »
Army Surgeon Questions New Helmet
United Press International
August 26, 2004

WASHINGTON - A veteran U.S. Army neurosurgeon is concerned new helmets being issued in Iraq and Afghanistan are not as effective as older ones because they are smaller.

The Army has begun issuing a new helmet, dubbed The new Advanced Combat Helmet, made of a new type of Kevlar that is stronger and 25 percent lighter than its 4-pound predecessor.

But Lt. Col. Jeff Poffenbarger says it is 8 percent smaller, and offers less protection on the back and side of the head, the Wall Street Journal said Wednesday.

In traditional infantry-style fighting, soldiers typically are struck in the front of the head as they charge toward the enemy. But in Iraq, riddled with remote-detonated roadside bombs, many soldiers are getting blasted on the sides and back of the head, Poffenbarger said.

The Marine Corps developed its own helmet, made of the same stronger Kevlar as the Army's, but did not alter the shape.

Regardless, the Army plans to issue the new helmet to all 840,000 soldiers in the force by 2007, said Col. John Norwood, the Army's project manager for soldier equipment.

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