Força Aérea Finlandesa

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Força Aérea Finlandesa
« em: Novembro 02, 2011, 09:37:43 pm »
nland launches fresh request for JASSM weapons

BY: CRAIG HOYLE LONDON 5 hours ago  Source:  
Finland has made a fresh request to arm its Boeing F-18C/D Hornet fighters with Lockheed Martin's AGM-158 JASSM cruise missile, more than four years after a previous attempt was blocked by the US Congress.

News of the step came on 31 October, when the US Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) released details of a potential $255 million deal with Helsinki. This would include the delivery of 70 of the stand-off-range weapons, plus two test rounds, it said.

"Finland's acquisition of JASSM is intended to modernise its current aircraft munitions suite and counter potential threats," the DSCA said, while describing the nation as "an important force for political stability and economic progress in Europe".

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Finland's previous request to arm its F-18Cs with JASSM weapons was rejected

Developed for the US Air Force to provide a precision strike capability from a range of more than 370km (200nm), the JASSM weapon system has recently been delivered to the Royal Australian Air Force for use with its F/A-18F Super Hornet strike aircraft.

If approved, a deal with Finland would represent the first sale of the type to a member of NATO's Partnership for Peace organisation.

The Finnish air force has an active fleet of 55 single-seat F-18Cs and seven two-seat F-18D trainers, as listed by Flightglobal's MiliCAS database.

Interessante a compra de mísseis de cruzeiro JASSM, pela Finlândia.
Artigo 308º

Traição à Pátria

Quem, por meio de violência, ameaça de violência, usurpação ou abuso de funções de soberania:

a) Tentar separar da Mãe-Pátria, ou entregar a país estrangeiro ou submeter à soberania estrangeira, todo o território português ou parte dele



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Re: Força Aérea Finlandesa
« Responder #1 em: Agosto 16, 2015, 12:36:49 pm »

Finnish captain Ville Uggeldahlin in his F/A-18 wins the "Solo Jet Acrobatic Trophy" in the Royal International Air Tattoo 2015.



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Re: Força Aérea Finlandesa
« Responder #2 em: Março 26, 2016, 04:02:05 pm »

Helicópteros finlandeses NH-90 e alemães CH-53GA na Lapónia. Exercício "Cold Blade"



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Re: Força Aérea Finlandesa
« Responder #3 em: Novembro 03, 2019, 04:27:19 pm »
Finland formally advances bidders to next stage of fighter procurement

Finland's Ministry of Defence (MoD) announced on 1 November that it has sent invitations to provide a revised Request for Quotations (RfQ) to all five contenders for the country's fighter replacement programme, known as HX.

Bidders for the programme to replace the legacy Boeing F/A-18C/D Hornet include the Dassault Rafale, Eurofighter Typhoon, Boeing F/A-18 Super Hornet, Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter, and Saab Gripen.

The MoD statement also confirmed that a price cap of EUR10 billion (USD11.15 billion) had been set on the acquisition by the government's Ministerial Committee on Economic Policy. The MoD noted on Twitter, citing Major General Kari Renko of the Finnish Defence Forces' Logistics Command, that all five had experienced difficulty in meeting the EUR10 billion price cap. The programme's initial plan had been for a solution in the EUR7-10 billion price range.

Responses for the revised call for tender are to be submitted by 31 January 2020, with a request for final offer later that year after a second phase of negotiations. The Finnish government will take a decision on the platform in 2021. The programme covers the acquisition of new aircraft, as well as weapons, sensors, training, and spare parts.



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