Defesa aérea da Lituania

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Defesa aérea da Lituania
« em: Agosto 18, 2004, 04:47:51 pm »
EADS Successfully Completes Delivery of Radar Systems to Lithuania
(Source: EADS; issued Aug. 17, 2004)
 IGNALINA, Lithuania --- The Surveillance and Target Acquisition Radar System (TRML-3D) from EADS Defence and Communications Systems has been successfully delivered to the Lithuanian Air force. The contract, which was originally signed in 2001, promised the delivery of three such TRML-3D systems with the last delivery slated for August of this year.  
The delivery of the TRML-3D marks the first surveillance modernisation efforts on behalf of the Lithuanian Air Force. Stefan Zoller, President and CEO of EADS Defence and Communications Systems, commented on this major milestone: “The modernisation of Lithuania’s air surveillance system was a needed step to meet the requirements of today’s homeland security needs. EADS is providing cost effective system solutions for new NATO nations in the area of border surveillance and air operations.”  
The system TRML-3D is a self contained mobile 3D radar with an integrated secondary radar system and operator workstations contained in one vehicle. The system was created to be rapidly deployable and highly mobile for fast camp and decampment. It is a fully-coherent multi-mode phased array surveillance and target acquisition radar system designed for short and medium range detection and air defence. The 3D radar is capable of detecting, tracking, and classifying various types of targets with a particular emphasis on small, fast and low-flying aircraft, missiles and hovering helicopters. The range of the radar extends up 200 km with an antenna scan time between 2 to 9 seconds, depending on the mode. It can be deployed as a stand-alone radar or can be integrated into air defence networks in coordination with other radars and command control systems, taking no more than 10 minutes to become fully operational.  
A 4-axle cross-country vehicle is delivered to enable TRML-3D to remain highly mobile, or the system can be removed from the vehicle altogether. The hydraulically-operated legs enable loading and unloading of the shelter onto the vehicle, using only two operators.  
The Defence and Communications Systems (DCS) Business Unit is the “Systems House” of EADS and is an integrated part of the EADS Defence and Security Systems Division (DS).  
EADS, with revenues of about 5.2 billion euros in 2003 and roughly 24,000 employees across nine nations, forms the defence pole within EADS. It offers integrated systems solutions to the new challenges confronting armed forces and homeland security units. It is active in the areas of military aircraft, missile systems, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) systems with manned and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), battlefield management systems, defence electronics, sensors and avionics, and related services. EADS is a global leader in aerospace, defence and related services. In 2003, the Group generated revenues of over 30 billion euros and employed a workforce of more than 109,000.  


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