Marinha da Malásia

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Marinha da Malásia
« em: Maio 05, 2005, 10:10:37 pm »
Malaysian Crews Begin Training in France
(Source : DCN ; dated April 27, web-posted May 3, 2005)
 BREST, France --- An official ceremony today marked the arrival of the first contingent of students from the Royal Malaysian Navy to DCI’s (Défense Conseil International) submarine training unit, NAVFCO, in Brest, where they will become fully-trained submariners. The ceremony was organized conjointly by ARMARIS and DCI’s NAVFCO branch, and was held in the presence of Malaysian dignitaries.  
On 7 July 2003, ARMARIS signed a contract with the Malaysian government in Kuala-Lumpur for the training of 150 seamen from the Royal Malaysian Navy in submarine handling. This training program, provided by DCI’s NAVFCO branch, will allow Malaysian submariners to acquire the skills needed to safely operate Scorpene Class submarines.  
ARMARIS, a joint venture of DCN and Thales, is the French prime contractor for the Malaysian submarine program which will allow the Royal Malaysian Navy to acquire an effective submarine force. It includes the construction of two Scorpene submarines, now being built by the French shipbuilder DCN and its Spanish partner, Navantia (formerly Izar), as well as necessary maintenance for an Agosta Class submarine, the Ouessant, which was withdrawn from active service by the French Navy, to serve as a trainer for Malaysian crews.  
The first Scorpene submarine will be delivered to the Royal Malaysian Navy at the beginning of 2008.  
ARMARIS, a joint venture of DCN and Thales, is a major player in European naval defence, providing global solutions for navies worldwide. ARMARIS is a prime contractor for international and cooperative naval programs. Its supports the export activities of DCN and Thales Naval France for warships and combat systems.  
NAVFCO, the special training branch of DCI (Défense Conseil International), is dedicated to transferring the French Navy’s operational know-how to the friendly navies. Specialized in crew preparation, operational training and technical assistance for naval and aero-naval forces, DCI-NAVFCO has, since its creation, trained over 12,000 officers, naval engineers, submarine officers and specialists. Its services, which are accredited by the French Navy, are adapted to the special naval and aero-naval requirements of its client countries.  


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