Armada Russa - Typhoon Upgraded sea trials

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Armada Russa - Typhoon Upgraded sea trials
« em: Junho 24, 2004, 12:25:39 pm »

Upgraded Typhoon preparing for sea trials in June

The nuclear submarine "Dmitry Donskoi", modernized at the military shipyards of PO "Northern Machine-Building Enterprise" (Sevmash) in Severodvinsk, is preparing for a new stage of sea trials in the White Sea.

2004-05-22 22:14

Deputy Head of the Sevmash press-service Mikhail Starozhilov announced that the preparation of the military boat for testing was checked by the First Deputy Commander of the Navy, Admiral Mikhail Zakharenko. And according to the facts of the military delegation at the factory, "remains satisfied with the progress of work."

Heavy strategic nuclear rocket cruiser "Dmitry Donskoi" is a 941 class Typhoon modernized into a latest, fourth-generation sub. The renovation of the submarine, built at Sevmash in 1982 with number 711 - the lead in the class of the largest domestic nuclear submarines - lasted more than ten years. The launch from the docks to the water of the underwater rocket-carrier happened at the end of June 2002, at the sea tests began last year. The "Typhoon" was designed at the Central Design Bureau for marine engineering "Rubin" (Saint Petersburg). From 1977 to 1989 six of the submarine were built at Sevmash with a length of 175 meters and a width of 22.8 meters, and a water-displacement up to 33.8 thousand tons. They are armed with 20 ballistic missile launchers. Currently there are only two Typhoon in-commission - the "Severstal" and the "Arkhanrelsk". One is being decommissioned at Sevmash now, two more have been taken out of service and will soon also be cut up for scrap metal. It is expected that the "Dmitry Donskoi" will return to service in the Northern Fleet this year.

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« Responder #1 em: Junho 24, 2004, 04:56:56 pm »
Segundo parece, o "Dmitry Donskoi" vai ser usado nos testes do novo míssil de 3 andares a combustível sólido "Bulava" (SS-N-30?), derivado do ICBM "Topo-M" e que equipará os novos submarinos do projecto "955 Borey" ou classe "Yuriy Dolgorukiy". Fala-se que poderão também equipar os submarinos "Delta IV".


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