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« em: Maio 18, 2005, 04:30:36 pm »
Rheinmetall Waffe Munition at IMDEX 2005: The family of light naval gun systems grows once more
(Source: Rheinmetall De-Tec; issued May 17, 2005)
 The Medium-Calibre product unit of Rheinmetall Waffe Munition GmbH is on the technological cutting edge globally, developing and manufacturing world-class medium-calibre weapon systems and ammunition for ground, air and naval applications. In addition to the MLG 27 light naval gun system, which is currently taking its place as the German Navy's standard medium-calibre gun throughout the entire fleet, Rheinmetall Waffe Munition also offers the MLG 25 in the calibre 25 x 137 mm.  
In January 2005 the company started with the development of a new family member in the range of light naval gun systems – the MLG 30/ABM. The MLG 30/ABM light naval gun system is designed to answer the asymmetric threat as the self-defence system for today and tomorrow, for all types of warships and patrol boats against surface-, air- and shore targets.  
The high accuracy of the system against asymmetric targets is achieved by the combination of a highly dynamic mount, a precise fire control, and the Mk 44 Bushmaster cannon, combined with the latest air burst munition (ABM) technology. The ABM round will add greatly to the lethality and firepower of the MLG 30/ABM, making it superior to any other system of its kind.  
The ABM round is based on NATO-qualified Ahead technology. The projectile contains a programmable fuse, which is with data from the fire control unit via an electronic ignition programmer coil at the muzzle. The impact of the 30 mm x 175 ammunition can be influenced by altering the distance at which the sub-projectiles are released ahead of the target, as well as by varying the number of rounds fired. ABM projectiles are hardened against all electronic countermeasures.  
The MLG 30/ABM significantly improves today's ability of ships in dealing with the more complex operational requirements they confront. This is of particular relevance with regard to nation building and peacekeeping operational tasks as well as the ability of self-protection against terrorist attacks.  
The MLG 30/ABM design allows integration in all kinds of vessels without need for deck penetration. Being lightweight and small in dimension it proves an unequalled flexibility in installation location. The gun mount is remotely controlled via a gunner control station, it is equipped with day- and night vision sensors enabling automatic target tracking as well as manual control of the MLG 30/ABM.  
The MLG 30/ABM is ideally suited in meeting today's needs for ships self defence and protection against:  
--Air targets up to 2,500 m  
--Surface targets up to 4,000 m  
--HSMST up to 2,500 m  
--Floating mines up to 1,000 m  
--Shore targets and sea policing tasks.  
The first MLG 30/ABM system is expected to be ready for land-based demonstration in spring 2006 and will then be shown in life firing to an international audience of interested customers.  



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« Responder #1 em: Agosto 02, 2006, 10:39:55 am »
Rheinmetall to Supply Kuwait with Naval Guns

(Source: Rheinmetall AG; issued July 5, 2006)

The US Department of Defense has contracted with Rheinmetall AG of Duesseldorf, Germany to provide medium-calibre guns to arm the fast interceptor craft America is supplying to the Kuwaiti Navy under the Foreign Military Sales Programme.  
The total value of the framework contract for the MLG 27 light naval gun is approximately EUR 40 million; covering 12 systems, the initial order is worth around EUR 28.2 million.  
The Kuwait contract represents an export breakthrough for the product. At home, the MLG 27 has been selected to serve as the German Navy's new standard gun, with 87 weapons already installed.  
This state-of-the-art naval weapon system will enable Kuwait's MKV-C fast interceptor craft to defend themselves in new operational scenarios, especially from terrorist attacks but also in the fight against piracy and in anti-smuggling operations.  
Combining a highly dynamic gun carriage, precise optronics and advanced ammunition technology, the 27mm weapon system assures accurate engagement of lightweight, agile surface targets with a very high kill probability.  
The MLG 27 can be installed in practically all classes of ships and boats without cutting into the deck. Operated by remote control, the system is equipped with a sensor system for tracking targets day and night, enabling automatic target tracking as well as manual control.  
It is made by Rheinmetall Waffe Munition GmbH's Mauser Oberndorf unit, a global leader in medium-calibre weapon systems. Headquartered in Ratingen, Germany, Rheinmetall Waffe Munition GmbH is a subsidiary of Duesseldorf-based Rheinmetall AG.