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Marinha da Itália
« em: Janeiro 08, 2005, 12:12:30 am »
Fincantieri Launches the Submarine “Scirè”
(Source; Fincantieri; dated Dec. 18, 2004; web-posted Jan. 6, 2005)
 Today at Fincantieri’s shipyard at Muggiano (La Spezia) there was the ceremony to launch the submarine “Scirè”, ordered by the Italian Navy within the framework of a programme of cooperation between the Governments and industries of Italy and Germany.  
The programme was developed with the German Submarine Consortium and foresees the construction of four U212A class vessels for Germany and two for Italy.  
The first, the “Salvatore Todaro”, was launched in November 2003 in the presence of the President of the Republic, Carlo Azeglio Ciampi. Fincantieri will also provide the Navy with a complete range of integrated logistical support, including a new, modern training centre for the crews at the Naval shipyard in Taranto.  
Present at today’s ceremony were the Minister of Infrastructures and Transport, Pietro Lunardi, the Chief of Staff of the Defence, Admiral Giampaolo di Paola, the Chiefs of Staff of the Italian and German Navies, Admiral Sergio Biraghi and Vizeadmiral Lutz Feltd, the Commander in Chief of the Fleet of the German Navy Vizeadmiral Wolfgang Nolting, the German Ambassador in Italy Michael Gerdts, the President of the Region of Liguria Sandro Biasotti, the Mayor of La Spezia Giorgio Pagano, and the President of the Province, Giuseppe Ricciardi. Fincantieri was represented by the company’s Chief Executive Officer, Giuseppe Bono.  
Acting as godmother to the submarine was Mrs. Elisabetta Bianchi, the daughter of Emilio Bianchi, who was awarded military honours as he took part, on the first “Scirè”, in the historic event of Alexandria of Egypt on 18th December 1941. Mr. Bianchi attended the ceremony today.  
The two Italian submarines, which will be delivered in mid 2005 and mid 2006, have a standard displacement of 1,450 tonnes, a length of approximately 56 metres, a height of 12 metres, a diametre of 7 metres and a capacity for a crew of 27.  
Features of U212A class vessels are the use of cutting edge, innovative technologies which are highly advanced: thanks to Air Independent Propulsion (AIP), fed by fuel cells, the submarines have a high degree of autonomy, moreover the level of acoustic and magnetic signatures is extremely low and the combat system is fully integrated.  
In addition to the U212A programme, the order book of the Fincantieri’s Naval Vessel Business Unit comprises the construction of the aircraft carrier, the “Cavour,” and the Italian-French programme for two “Horizon” class frigates.  
Moreover, in partnership with French industry and the French Navy, Fincantieri is also drawing up, through its subsidiary, Orizzonte Sistemi Navali, a programme to build twenty seven multi-mission frigates, of which ten for Italy which will be built in the company’s shipyards in Liguria.  


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