EADS Space Transportation

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EADS Space Transportation
« em: Dezembro 27, 2004, 10:05:05 pm »
DGA Awards Order for Production of M51 Ballistic Missile
(Source: French Ministry of Defence; issued Dec. 23, 2004)
 (Issued in French only; unofficial translation by defense-aerospace.com)
 PARIS --- The defence procurement agency, DGA, has awarded EADS Space Transportation an order valued at 3 billion euros for the production of the M51 ballistic missile.  
The M51 missile is intended to arm the French navy’s new-generation ballistic missile submarines (SNLE-NG) from 2010. Its range, payload and accuracy will be substantially increased compared to the M45 missile currently in service.  
The M51 missile is currently in its development phase. In 2004, it met several milestones, including successful submarine launches and a key motor trial achieved in mid-November. These tests were carried out in DGA’s trials establishments.  
EADS Space Transportation is the program’s prime contractor. It will be seconded by G2P, a joint venture between Snecma Propulsion Solide and SNPE Materiaux Energetiques, as subcontractor with prime responsibility for the rocket motor.  
The industrial activity generated by this contract includes approximately 1,200 jobs over a period of ten years, of which about 1,000 in the Aquitaine region of South-Western France.  


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