Exército Britânico

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Re: Exército Britânico
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Hellfire in the Arctic | Apache Helicopter | British Army



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Re: Exército Britânico
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Re: Exército Britânico
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Army Establishes Its 1st Aviation Brigade

The British Army’s first-ever aviation brigade will include Gazelle and Lynx helicopters for reconnaissance and support missions, but its main strike force will consist of AW-159 Wildcat and WAH-64D Apaches, seen here during a firepower demonstration. (BA photo)

As of April 2020, the first-ever Aviation Brigade in the British Army formed up, bringing with it a new structure, new doctrine and brand-new way of fighting.

Contemporary threats elicit a contemporary response, and the world of aviation is no different. The Brigade based on a brand-new way of fighting, which is effectively summed up in its motto: “Fly, fight, lead”.

Combining the advanced reconnaissance capabilities of the Wildcat helicopter of 1st Regiment Army Air Corps (AAC), together with the attack firepower of the Apache helicopter used by 3rd and 4th Regiment AAC, 1st Aviation Brigade is designed to unite the resources previously split between the Aviation Reconnaissance Force and the Attack Helicopter Force, and as a Brigade is a capability distinct from previous airmobile and air assault brigades.

As well as the tasks conducted by 5th Regiment AAC and their Gazelle helicopters, the reservists of 6th Regiment AAC and the specialist aviation mechanical engineers of 7th Battalion Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers complete the lineup of Brigade units.

The environment in which the British Army and our allies are now operating in is changing and continues to evolve – at pace. The new world sees our adversaries engaging in operations that requires our soldiers to operate across a broad spectrum of operations implemented to protect our homeland, all whilst persistently engaging and constraining our adversaries abroad.

As the way of the military evolves, it places a focus on what combat aviation needs to be prepared for. To meet such challenges 1st Aviation Brigade will generate a Combat Aviation Force in order to deploy on operations, which will possess the capacity to concurrently plan, execute and sustain multiple aviation manoeuvres, and scale up and down in size and power as required.

As well as looking to the future and meeting emerging threats with world-class equipment, we must also acknowledge that the formation of 1st Aviation Brigade ties together a long history of Army aviation, particularly that of the 24th Airmobile Brigade.

The 1st Aviation Brigade flash is a pair of red Griffin Wings on a background horizontally halved on the colours of the Army Air Corps. It was in the guise of the 24th Airmobile Brigade where Army Air Corps units would first wear these Griffin Wings. These were lost from the insignia when 24th Airmobile Brigade combined with elements of 5th Airborne Brigade to become 16th Air Assault Brigade in 1999.

However, the Army Air Corps has veterans and serving soldiers alike who wore the Griffin Wings as part of the 24th Airmobile Brigade, and therefore a history that links us back to them. This resurrection of the emblem as part of the new 1st Aviation Brigade maintains this vital link to Army Air Corps history and reminds us that we cannot lead in to the future without recognising both our origins and unique capability.

As this formation begins a new chapter in Army aviation history, 1st Aviation Brigade’s antecedents and capability is clear. The Brigade’s success will be borne in the coming months and years, a Brigade that operates within an Army that thinks Aviation Manoeuvre. A Brigade that flies, fights, and leads.




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Re: Exército Britânico
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7. Todos os animais são iguais mas alguns são mais iguais que os outros.



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Re: Exército Britânico
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Rheinmetall Reveals Advanced Technology Demonstrator Tank with 130mm Turret

New RheinMetall Tech Demo Tank with 130mm Smoothbore turret. Video grab
A video released today by Germany’s Rheinmetall showed a tank with a 130mm turret besides a new hull front as part of its MBT Advanced Technologies Competence demonstration, a possible indication of what will go into the future Main Ground Combat System (MGCS).

The demo tank looks like the latest iteration of its advanced technology demonstrator for the British Army’s Challenger 2 Life Extension Project (LEP). A joint venture was formed between Rheinmetall Defence UK (55%) and BAE Systems Land UK (45%) in 2019 to take forward the Challenger 2 LEP.

A Tweet accompanying the video said “Rheinmetall’s 130mm smoothbore technology for MBTs embodies a significant lethality leap in times of increasing threats. Combined with a state-of-the-art auto-loader, this system is the latest evolvement in Rheinmetall’s MBT Advanced Technologies competence.”

The 130mm smoothbore gun for MBT’s is the most significant advancement in Western MBT design since World War II. Current NATO MBTs are built around the 120mm turret.

The Russian Armata T-15 was the first to break away from the 120mm gun standard by being equipped with a 125mm turret offering significantly improved shooting performance over the 120mm guns of the current Leopard 2 and the UK’s Challenger 2 MBT.

The new 130mm turret, if accepted by the MCGS project could mean a major change in NATO standard tank turret size. The video shows a projectile fired from the 130mm gun piercing through several layers of armored sheets. Besides, the tank moves at a fast pace through cross-country indicating good mobility with the new gun in place.

The hull front in the upgraded Leopard 2 is flatter compared to the current Leopard 2 tank. This may have been necessitated by requirement of armor and to accommodate the gun.

Rheinmetall's Weapons and Ammunition division launched a 130mm demonstrator programme in 2015 to counter improvements in armor of enemy tanks and armored vehicles. The 130mm/L51 turret was first shown at Eurosatory event in 2016. Company executives had then commented that the increase in caliber would allow the firing of more lethal projectiles effectively enhancing the gun’s armor-piercing capacity by a factor of two.

Rheinmetall has also commenced developing a new 130 mm armor-piercing fin-stabilized discarding sabot (APFSDS) round with elongated rod penetrator, which is supposed to be made of a new tungsten alloy. The new APFSDS round also features a semi-combustible cartridge case and new propellant.

The 130mm smoothbore gun of Rheinmetall is also being considered as part of the modernization of the UK's Challenger s besides the US M1A1 Abrams MBTs.

7. Todos os animais são iguais mas alguns são mais iguais que os outros.



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