Corvetas novas para a marinha da Indonésia

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Corvetas novas para a marinha da Indonésia
« em: Outubro 28, 2004, 10:46:13 pm »
Thales to Supply Key Systems for New Corvettes Indonesian Navy Worth Euro 60m
(Source: Thales Nederland; issued Oct. 27, 2004)
 The shipyard Royal Schelde and Thales recently signed several contracts for the delivery of a wide range of products that are to be installed on the two corvettes that Royal Schelde will build for the Indonesian Navy. Thales will supply the ship’s above-water defence system, the communication equipment and the sonar system. The value of the contracts amounts to approximately 60 million euros. The first ship is expected to be commissioned mid 2007.  
The corvettes will be deployed by the Indonesian Navy mainly for patrol duties in the Indonesian archipelago in order to counter smuggling, illegal fishery and piracy, especially in the Strait of Malacca. One of the deciding factors for this contract is the good relation between the Indonesian Navy and Thales, based on the experience gained with the NAV5 patrol boats that were commissioned between 2000 and 2004.  
The above water defence systems to be installed on the corvettes include: the TACTICOS scaleable combat management system, the MW08 3D multibeam surveillance radar, the LIROD Mk2 tracking radar, the LINK Y Mk2 datalink system and Target Designation Sights. For under water defence capability, the Thales Kingklip medium frequency active/passive Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) hull-mounted sonar has been selected. The naval communication system of the corvettes has been developed by Thales in Germany, based on the FOCON system. Thales will perform the complete combat system integration of these corvettes. To operate this sophisticated equipment, the future crew of the ships will be trained in the Netherlands by Thales. Thales expects to be able to keep playing a substantial role in the safety of the Indonesian archipelago.  
Thales is the only non-US company capable of providing and integrating a comprehensive naval defence system for a variety of ship classes. Recent tests have proved Thales’ leading position in defence missile control capabilities. Thales is an international electronics and systems group, serving defence, aerospace and security markets.  


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