Cooperação Militar entre a China e a França

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Cooperação Militar entre a China e a França
« em: Outubro 12, 2004, 08:22:20 pm »
Eurocopter and China Aviation Industry Corporation II Start a New Long Term Strategic Partnership
(Source: Eurocopter; issued Oct. 11, 2004)
 MARIGNANE, France --- The President of the People’s Republic of China, Mr. Hu Jintao and the French President, Mr. Jacques Chirac have witnessed the signature of a Cooperation Framework Agreement between China Aviation Industry Corporation II (AVIC II), represented by its President, Mr. Zhang Hongbiao, and Eurocopter, represented by its President, Mr. Fabrice Brégier on October 9, 2004 in Beijing.  
This agreement aims at launching the development and manufacturing of a new advanced helicopter which will complement the existing range of products of both companies.  
This helicopter will incorporate the latest technologies and will be available on the market by 2010.It will fulfil the needs of the fast growing Chinese market as well as the world market.  
This venture between Eurocopter and AVIC II is a new step for the friendly and fruitful cooperation which has prevailed between the two companies for more than 25 years, in particular with the Z9, China-made Dauphin and the best-selling EC120 now also manufactured in China by Harbin Aircraft Industries.  
In 2003, EADS, Eurocopter’s mother Company, had taken a 5 % share in the newly created AviChina, showing its strong willingness to further the cooperation with the Chinese aviation industry.  
Eurocopter is a wholly owned subsidiary of EADS. EADS is an international aerospace, defense and related services company. In 2003, EADS turnover rose to 30.1 billion Euros and the Group employs approximately 109,000 people.  
The EADS group includes the aircraft manufacturer, Airbus; Eurocopter, the biggest helicopter manufacturer in the world, and the "joint venture" MBDA, the world's second biggest missile manufacturer. EADS is the major partner in the Eurofighter consortium. EADS is also the main contractor for the Ariane launcher and is developing the A400M military transporter. Finally, EADS is the biggest industrial partner for Galileo, the European satellite navigation system.  


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