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Re: Marinha Alemã (BundesMarine)
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"[Os portugueses são]um povo tão dócil e tão bem amestrado que até merecia estar no Jardim Zoológico"
-Dom Januário Torgal Ferreira, Bispo das Forças Armadas



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Re: Marinha Alemã (BundesMarine)
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Another Milestone - Corvette "Karlsruhe" Is Laid Down

Germany’s Wolgast Peene shipyard on October 6 laid down the eighth K130 corvette, the future FGS Karlsruhe. Once the second batch has been completed, all ten K130 corvettes will be operated by the 1st Corvette Squadron. (GE Navy photo)

On Tuesday, October 6th, 2020, the keel-laying of the eighth corvette will take place during a ceremony at the Wolgast Peene shipyard. The corvette will be named "Karlsruhe". Due to the corona pandemic regulations, this solemn act will take place with a reduced group of participants.

In September 2017, the construction of five more corvettes was approved for delivery by 2025, so that the German Navy will have ten corvettes in the future. All will then be operated by the 1st Corvette Squadron based in Rostock-Warnemünde.

The ships of the K130 class were put into service from 2008. The corvettes of the Braunschweig class are state-of-the-art vessels, particularly in terms of ship technology as well as weapon and command systems.

The five planned new corvettes will be named "Köln", "Emden", "Karlsruhe", "Augsburg" and "Lübeck". The cities of the same name also sponsor the corvettes. The naval leadership selected these names on the basis of various criteria.

Following the line of the traditional decree of the Bundeswehr, the Navy decided on ship names from its own history. When assigning sponsorships and names, the Navy also continued the basic approach of the first corvettes of the K130 Braunschweig class, which are already in service.

Boats 6-10 are supplied by the consortium (ARGE) K130, consisting of Fr. Lürssen Werft, ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems and German Naval Yards Kiel. Two forward sections will be manufactured and pre-equipped at the Lürssen shipyard in Bremen, and the other three at the Kiel shipyard of German Naval Yards. The five aft sections are manufactured at the Wolgast Peene shipyard while the Lürssen subsidiary Blohm + Voss is responsible for joining the fore and aft sections.





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Re: Marinha Alemã (BundesMarine)
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7. Todos os animais são iguais mas alguns são mais iguais que os outros.




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Re: Marinha Alemã (BundesMarine)
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German Navy’s MKS 180 Multi-Purpose Combat Ship Program Renamed F126

The German ministry of defense (MoD) announced this morning that the MKS180 frigate program has been renamed "Fregatte Klasse 126" or F126, which is in line with the German Navy (Deutsche Marine) typical designation for frigates.

Xavier Vavasseur 02 Dec 2020

The project Multi-Purpose Combat Ship (Mehrzweckkampfschiff) 180 “MKS180” will be renamed to Frigate Class 126 “F126” – The ship is based on the principles of Intensive Usability and Multi Crew Concept of the Frigate Class 125 “F125”. The first 4 ships are scheduled for delivery in 2028.

For the record, the German parliament (Bundestag) formally approved the procurement of four multi-purpose MKS 180 vessels in June 2020. In the contract, the Bundeswehr keeps an option open for the procurement of two additional ships. The same month, Damen Shipyards Group and the German Bundesamt für Ausrüstung, Informationstechnik und Nutzung der Bundeswehr (BAAINBw) signed the contract for the construction of four MKS 180 frigates for the German Navy.

Damen and Thales signed last month the contract for the delivery and full integration of Thales’s Mission and Combat System for these frigates.

While the name of the first-in-class F126 is still unknown, the designation follows the series of German Navy frigates classes:

F125 Baden-Württemberg-class
F124 Sachsen-class
F123 Brandenburg-class
F122 Bremen-class
F120 Köln-class

The German BAAINBw also announced yesterday that an agreement was reached for the procurement of eight RAM close in weapon systems (CIWS) for the future frigates.

About F126 Frigate

Thales image

Thales will be providing the following systems:

- Tacticos combat management system
- Satcom system
- APAR Block 2 x-band multifunction radar for AWWS
- Gatekeeper 360° IR/TV system
- Mirador MK2 EO tracking and observation system
- Other equipment (non Thales) that will be fuzed with the Thales systems (Tacticos + AWWS):

- MK41 VLS for ESSM Block 2
- Naval Strike Missile (NSM)
- TRS-4D c-band air and surface surveillance radar
- 127mm main gun with Vulcano extended range precision munition

The decoy launchers will likely be the MASS by Rheinmetall. MKS 180 will be fitted with a sonar suite as well, but the competition for this contract is still ongoing.

Thales’s Mission and Combat System includes the comprehensive Tacticos Combat Management System and the AWWS (Above Water Warfare System) Fire Control Cluster. The contract includes four ship systems, logistic services and multiple land-based test and training sites, as well as the option for one or two additional ships.

F126 Missions:

The MKS 180 will be a multi-mission platform. Built-in modules designed for specific military missions will make this possible. These mission modules are at the heart of what “multipurpose combat ship” means in practice.

- Self-defense and combat missions
- Creation of a maritime picture above and under water
- Maritime surveillance and embargo control, including VBSS
- Military evacuation in crisis situations
- Escort for merchant ships
- Command of a naval task force

F126 Main Characteristics

- Length: approximately 155 meters at waterline
- Displacement: maximum 9,000 tonnes
- Accommodation: 110 crew, 70 passengers
- Operating endurance: 24 months
- Operating area: worldwide
- Ice class: 1C / E1 for sea areas with ice formation
- Service life: 30 years

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Re: Marinha Alemã (BundesMarine)
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Germany and the Netherlands Joining Forces for F-124 LCF Frigate Replacement

F124 frigate (left) and LCF (right). The replacement for both classes is set to be a unique Frigate class.

Germany And The Netherlands Joining Forces For F-124 / LCF Frigate Replacement

Germany and the Netherlands have signed an agreement yesterday to work jointly on a next generation frigate which will replace the German Navy Sachsen-class (F124) and the Royal Netherlands Navy De Zeven Provinciën-class (LCF) frigates.

Xavier Vavasseur 18 Dec 2020

Dutch State Secretary Barbara Visser and her German counterpart Benedikt Zimmer signed the agreement via visio conference.

“Both countries will collaborate in the field of research and development and acquisition, among other things. The countries are working on equal operational requirements”.
Dutch MoD

Barbara Visser added that “It is also the intention that the industries of our countries will benefit optimally from this.”

For the record, the ties between the Dutch and German naval defense industry are already strong, with Damen and Thales NL taking a key role for the F126/MKS180 frigate program. F126 is a future large (Length: approximately 155 meters at waterline, Displacement: maximum 9,000 tonnes) surface combatant of the German Navy (Deutsche Marine).

Meanwhile, Damen is also fully involved in the M-frigates (Karel Doorman-class) replacement program for both the Royal Netherlands Navy (Koninklijke Marine) and Belgian Navy (Marinecomponent/Composante marine).

About Sachsen-class / F124 frigates

German Navy’s Hamburg air defense frigate (Credit : Bundeswehr)

The German Navy has a total of three Sachsen-class F124 frigates. They are designed as multi-purpose vessels for escort, protection and maritime control. Its focus is on air defense: With its SMART-L radar, a single vessel class can, for example, monitor the airspace over the entire North Sea. The radar of the Sachsen-class is able to detect more than 1,000 targets at the same time.

Sachsen-class frigates are fitted with 32x Mk41 VLS for SM-2 and ESSM missiles and two RAM launchers. The can also deploy Harpoon anti-ship missiles and torpedoes.

General characteristics

143.0 m in length
17.4 m wide
6.0 m draft
5,800 t displacement
Crew complement: 230 sailors + 13 aircrew

About De Zeven Provinciën-class / LCF Frigates

The first-in-class frigate ‘Zr.Ms. De Zeven Provinciën’ back at sea off Den Helder naval base in early June 2020. Royal Netherlands Navy picture.

The Royal Netherlands Navy has 4 air defense and command frigates (LCF) of the De Zeven Provinciën-class. The ships can protect a complete fleet from enemy threats from the sea and from the air (aircraft and missiles). Specialized in anti-aircraft warfare (AAW) vessel, LCF vessels are fitted with 40x Mk41 Vertical Launch Systems which are used to house and launch Evolved Sea Sparrow (ESSM) and SM-2 Block IIIA missiles.

In addition, the ships are equipped to allow the deployable and operational command staff of the Royal Netherlands Navy, the Netherlands Maritime Force (NLMARFOR), to control large-scale (maritime) operations.

The first-in-class ship received her SMART-L Multi Mission radar upgrade from Thales in March 2019. All four ships of the class will be upgraded with the new radar (and other systems) as part of a modernization programme. This new radar is capable of BMD mission (surveillance and tracking of ballistic missiles) up to 2000 km while simultaneous maintaining the air defence capability. The Dutch Defence Material Organisation (DMO) announced in April 2020 that it has selected Italian company Leonardo to supply new 127mm naval gun systems.

LCF Specifications

displacement: 6,050 tons
length: 144 meters
width: 17 meters
draft: 7 meters
speed: 30 knots

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