Índia moderniza Forças Armadas

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Índia moderniza Forças Armadas
« em: Agosto 19, 2004, 09:03:43 pm »
Indian Defense Briefs: Government Replies to Parliament
(Source: India Press Information Bureau; issued Aug. 18, 2004)
The Small Arms Factory, Kanpur developed a 7.62 mm assault rifle as a substitute of AK-47 rifle for supply to the armed forces, central para military forces and state police organizations.  
Certain short-comings have been pointed out during trial evaluation of this weapon by the Border Security Force. Further the Ministry of Home Affairs has advised the Ordnance Factor Board to develop a 5.56 assault rifle.  
According to the contract with BAE Systems Limited, United Kingdom, the delivery of the 24 Hawk Advanced Jet Trainers in flyaway condition is expected to commence from September 2007 and would be completed by February 2008.  
Till the new Hawk aircraft are available for the Indian Air Force (IAF), as an interim measure, 75 IAF pilots will be trained in UK in terms of the contract with BAE Systems Limited, UK.  
Hindustan Aeronautics Limtied (HAL) would be manufacturing Advanced Jet Trainers (AJT) under license from BAe Systems (Operations) Limited for delivery during 2008-2010.  
It is expected that the aircrafts will be delivered by 2010 to meet the requirements of Indian Air Force.  
A system for the mandatory and time bound scrutiny of all major procurement cases is in place in the Ministry of Defence.  
All cases above Rs. 75 crores are sent to Comptroller & Auditor General (C&AG), whose reports are further studied by the Chief Vigilance Officer (CVO) of the Ministry from the vigilance angle and recommend to the Government where further enquiries are necessary.  
In cases where the C&AG recommends further scrutiny from the vigilance / legal angle or the Ministry considers it necessary to do so, the CVO will make a formal reference to CVC, CBI or other agencies as deemed appropriate. This would enhance the level of transparency in the procurement process.  
The Agni-1 missile is in production for induction in Army. It had three flight tests. Agni-1 is a surface-to-surface ballistic missile with a range of 700 km. It can carry one tonne payload.  
A total number of 319 MiG-21 aircraft have met Category-I accidents since the year 1971-72.  
Major causes of these accidents are Technical Defence, Human Error and Bird Hit.  
The Indian Air Force (IAF) have adequate number of MiG aircraft along with other aircraft to safeguard the interest of our country. However, the exact number of such aircraft cannot be divulged in the interest of national security.  
A continuous and multi-faceted effort is always afoot by Indian Air Force to enhance and upgrade flight safety. Measures to enhance the quality of training to improve the skill levels, ability to exercise sound judgment and situational awareness of pilots are being pursued. Constant interaction with Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd (HAL) and Original Equipment Manufacturers of concerned countries is also maintained to overcome the technical defects of aircraft. Besides, anti-bird measures are also undertaken.  
During the year 2004-2005, no contract for any rifle or weapon has been signed with any vendor so far. However, in the year 2002-2003 and 2003-2004, Indian Army have procured various rifles and weapons from vendors in Russia, South Africa, Israel and Sweden after trial evaluations.  
The source of supply, quality of weapons and their prices are satisfactory.  
India has built up its own unmanned defence system like unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and unmanned underwater vehicles so that our country gets closer to building up its own assemble of unmanned defence. Defence Research and Development Organisation has developed two types of UAVs – Lakshya & Nishant.  
The reusable Unmanned Aerial Target Vehicle Lakshya is used for training gun and missile crew. Nishant is used for battle field reconnaissance and damage assessment.  
Development work on underwater autonomous vehicles is planned to be undertaken by March next year.  
Hindustan Aeronautics Limited has entered into contract with Indian Air Force for undertaking series upgradation of Jaguar aircraft.  
Two prototypes have been upgraded and flown successfully. Limited initial operation clearance for the aircraft has been achieved.


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