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Título: Armada da Roménia
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Frigates sold to Romanian Navy   15.01.03 11:51
Former Royal Navy Type 22 frigates HMS Coventry and HMS London are to be sold to Romania following the signing of a £116 million sale agreement in Bucharest yesterday.

The agreement was signed by Defence Procurement Minister Lord Bach and the Romanian State Secretary for Armaments, Gheorghe Matache.

Under the first phase of the agreement both frigates will be modernised and re-equipped in Portsmouth during an upgrade programme to meet the specific requirements of the Romanian Navy.

Other phases of the agreement include an industrial partnership programme involving the UK prime contractor, BAE Systems, and Romanian industry, and the partnership will include technology transfers, orders placed with Romanian companies and assistance in marketing overseas.

The agreement includes a significant Operational Sea Training programme through the Royal Navy’s Flag Officer Sea Training organisation (FOST).

Lord Bach – the first British minister to visit Romania since her invitation to join NATO in November last year – said: “I am delighted to visit Romania to sign such an important agreement, which will lead to the Romanian Navy acquiring two highly-capable and NATO-compatible fighting ships.

“This project is an important symbol of our developing relationship with Romania on Governmental, Armed Forces and industrial levels, which I am sure will be good for both countries and good for NATO.”

Lord Bach was in Romania at the invitation of the Ministry of National Defence, and has held discussions on the lead-up to membership of NATO, expected to be completed next year, with Prime Minister Nastase and Defence Minister Pascu.

Both ships were Batch 2 Type 22 frigates, and along with their Batch 1 sisters were distinctive in that they were all-missile ships, with no 4.5in gun, which was fitted to the Batch 3 ships.

HMS London decommissioned in 1999 at her home port of Devonport after 12 years of service, one of five ships nominated for disposal under the Government’s Strategic Defence Review.

HMS Coventry returned to Devonport to decommission at the end of 2001, having been at the heart of operations right to the end – that same year she was involved in a busy anti-drugs deployment in the Caribbean, making the headlines for an all-action high-speed chase which recovered £80 million worth of cocaine.
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Por curiosidade.
Estas fragatas Type22 não seriam uma boa adição ás Perry (caso o RU venda + algumas)?
Os dois tipos de navio não são semelhantes em termos de funções e capacidades?
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As T-22 são navios muito bons em termos de qualidades náuticas, espaço disponível, comunicações ( na RN eram usadas como navio-almirantes) e anti-submarino.

Mas a nível anti-aéreo estão apenas equipadas com o SeaWolf, que não é mau, mas apenas funciona para defesa própria ( alcance máximo de 10 km).

Ou seja o único ponto em que as OHPs não são inferiores às T-22 é precisamente aquele mais importante para nós neste momento, a capacidade anti-aérea de área  :twisted:

Já para não falar numa cadeia logística completamente diferente...
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Se o problema fossem os numeros, os ingleses têm á venda as Type 23, essas sim, mais sofisticadas que as Perry.

Quanto ás Type 22 lote II, não se podem considerar navios superiores ás Perry, acho que até pelo contrário.

O nosso problema, é que não podemos (ou não devemos) ter uma marinha com uma quantidade de chassos mais ou menos velhos todos diferentes. Se temos "chassos velhos" pelo menos que sejam iguais, para que tenhamos possibilidade de organizar a manutenção, garantindo um minimo de eficiência.

Com a chegada das duas Perry, o numero de fragatas da marinha portuguesa ficará completo, com 5 unidades. Não haverá mais!

A seguir a marinha deverá preocupar-se com o NavPol e com o programa dos NPO's (incorporação dos navios e desarme das corvetas). e na eventual modernização das Vasco da Gama. Só depois deverá a marinha voltar a pensar em mais barcos e esses, serão provavelmente substitutos das proprias Perry.

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Ok. Compreendi.
Obrigado a todos pelas respostas :D
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Só a título de curiosidade, li ontem numa revista inglesa que as fragatas
HMS Boxer (F 92) contruida em 1984 e a HMS Brave (F 94), construida em 1986, foram utilizadas para "Target Practice" pela Royal Navy...

Não sei se seriam compativeis com as OHP, mas dá dó ver navios relativamente recentes serem usados para tiro ao alvo, enquanto nós vamos receber navios muito mais antigos, só isso...

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:arrow: (

09 September 2004

Regele Ferdinand, the first of two ex-Royal Navy Type 22 frigates being regenerated and modernised by a BAE Systems-led team for the Romanian Navy, was officially named and commissioned at Portsmouth today.

The ceremony was attended by President Ion Iliescu of Romania and Britain’s Minister for Defence Procurement Lord Bach.

The Regele Ferdinand, formerly HMS Coventry, is the first UK-built frigate to be owned by the Romanian Navy. A second frigate, the Regina Maria - previously HMS London - will be delivered in Spring 2005.

The two ships became available for sale in 2001. Agreement was reached for their acquisition following discussions between the UK and Romanian Governments in December 2002.

The reactivation of the ships to operational condition and NATO standards is being undertaken through the MOD’s Defence Logistics Organisation which placed a £116m contract with BAE Systems Customer Solutions & Support (CS&S) for the work. CS&S has led the reactivation and upgrade project, which has included a wide span of UK industry.

Fleet Support Ltd has carried out the refurbishment work, Rolls-Royce is reconditioning the ships’ engines and Flagship is responsible for crew training.

Equipment fitted as part of the upgrade includes an Oto Melara 76mm rapid-fire gun with Radamec electro-optical tracking system; AMS Nautis fire control system; BAE Systems MPS2000 communications system; Inmarsat B global maritime distress and safety system; Terma SKWS decoy system; and Sperry Marine gyro compass and global positioning system.

BAE Systems group marketing director Mike Rouse commented, “The reactivation of these highly-regarded vessels is the latest chapter in BAE Systems’ proud 30-year relationship with Romania. We want to develop this partnership through ongoing support and further upgrade of the vessels with Romanian industry.”

CS&S Naval managing director Rory Fisher commented, “This programme has been a real partnership all round and a great success for Portsmouth. We have worked closely with our locally-based joint venture partners FSL and Flagship and the rest of the industry team, as well as the UK MOD and the Romanian customer. Together we are delivering our NATO allies two highly-capable naval vessels.”

The handover followed successful sea trials in early August designed to demonstrate the operability of all systems and structures in the ship. These included high-speed trials at speeds of up to 28 knots and testing of sensors and weapon systems, involving gun and dummy torpedo firings. Forty representatives from Romania were on board to witness the demonstrations.

Regele Ferdinand is named after King Ferdinand I of Romania (1865-1927). Its 203-strong crew will undergo preliminary sea training for several weeks before sailing to Romania in November.
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Romanian Navy Nears Helicopter Decision

The Romanian Navy is in the process of making its final decision on the procurement of three new naval helicopters, according to recent reports. The helicopters will be operated from the two Royal Navy Broadsword-class frigates that were purchased from the United Kingdom and are scheduled for delivery in 2005 and 2006.

The decision is expected to be made by the end of the year, and funding will be provided by the Romanian Army. The helicopters will probably be built in Romania by IAR, which also makes the IAR 330 Puma helicopter under license. Delivery of the first helicopter will probably be by the end of 2006.

The Eurocopter AS 565 Cougar, AugustaWestland EH-101 and NH Industries NH-90 are thought to be the leading candidates for the program. Although the initial order is only for three units, the Romanian Navy will need additional units for its future surface combatant program that will probably start in the next decade.
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:arrow:  foto da REGELE FERDINAND (

The F221 Regele Ferdinand frigate (former HMS Coventry) has been officially delievered to the Romanian Navy, yesterday in Portsmouth.

Photos (very large) ... and_01.jpg ( ... chi_01.jpg (
Título: Roménia gasta 1.1 biliões de USD em quatro SIGMA
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Será que não nos emprestam algum?  :-\

Romania Orders Sigma Light Frigates

(Source: Forecast International; issued Nov 3; Updated Nov 28, 2016)

BUCHAREST, Romania --- The Romanian Government has ordered four Sigma class light frigates for the Romanian Navy at a cost of $1.1 billion. The new ships will be built under license at the Damen Shipyards in Galati.

According to a statement released by the Ministry of Defense in Bucharest, "The project provides for the purchase of four corvettes multirole with a minimum lifespan of 30 years which can be extended by successive upgrades. Vessels to be acquired will be used for military actions, independently or within multinational groups, ensure the integrity of the maritime space, participation in enforcing compliance to national and international execution of operations of maritime security and interventions for search and rescue." This is a fairly standard role definition for ships of this type.

Initially, the Romanian Ministry of Defence studied a total of 13 projects for light frigates, of which only four met the requirements specified by the Romanian naval forces. The final selection was determined by the MND officials that the ships had to be built in Romanian yards and that the first ship should be delivered in two and a half years.

The only yard that could handle this project was the Damen yard that has been re-equipped to handle modern warship construction and had recruited enough qualified staff wfamiliar with NATO production standards and equipment. Of the bidders for this contract, only the OANDA group, offering the SIGMA class frigate, was prepared to guarantee meeting the required delivery date.

Total cost of the project is RON4.3 billion, ($1.1 billion) payable in installments up to 2020. Payments of RON562 million ($131 million) will be made in 2017 and 2018 with a further payment of RON1.215 billion ($285.3 million) on delivery of the first ship. Additional payments of RON1.26 billion ($295 million) will be made in 2019 with the final payment of RON720 million ($169 million) taking place in 2020.

The price of these four ships is a bit above the norm for light frigates in this category but the requirement for production in Romanian yards and the very tight delivery schedule justified the costs involved.

Defense Minister Mihnea Motoc stated that the short delivery time was an essential requirement because "the wider Black Sea is characterized by the actions in violation of the rules of international law and this requires a robust deterrent posture in the Black Sea."

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Título: Re: Armada da Roménia
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Life on a ship - welcome on board Romanian Navy frigate Regele Ferdinand

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FFG e o armamento daquilo resume-se á oto-melara de 76mm  ;D
Título: Re: Armada da Roménia
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FFG e o armamento daquilo resume-se á oto-melara de 76mm  ;D

Até as toalhas de mesa continuam a ser as britânicas, ainda querias mísseis.  ;D
Título: Re: Armada da Roménia
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Título: Re: Armada da Roménia
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Romania set to choose four new corvettes, frigate upgrade

Richard Scott, London and Luca Peruzzi, Genoa - Jane's Navy International
22 October 2018

Damen Schelde’s SIGMA 10514 design. Source: Damen Schelde Naval Shipbuilding

Romania's Ministry of Defence is nearing a decision on the procurement of new multirole corvettes after receiving final bids at the beginning of October from Damen Schelde Naval Shipbuilding of the Netherlands, Italy's Fincantieri, and France's Naval Group.

The EUR1.6 billion (USD1.85 billion) programme covers the acquisition of four corvettes, as well as the combat system modernisation of the Romanian Navy's two ex-UK Royal Navy Type 22 frigates Regina Maria and Regele Ferdinand . A source selection is scheduled for 26 October, although industry sources suggest this could slip by a number of weeks.

Romania's requirement calls for a 2,500-tonne class multipurpose ship with capabilities across anti-submarine warfare, anti-surface warfare, anti-air warfare, electronic warfare, naval gunfire support, and search and rescue. The design is also required to provide aviation facilities suitable for an IAR 330 Puma 10-tonne helicopter and a shipborne unmanned aircraft system.

In line with Romanian stipulations for local industry participation, all three contenders are proposing build and in-service support in conjunction with subsidiaries or partners based in country. Romania has asked for the first corvette to be delivered inside three years, with the programme to be completed in seven years.

Damen Schelde Naval Shipbuilding is bidding a variant of its SIGMA 10514 design with sister yard Damen Shipyards Galati. To meet the Romanian requirement, Daman has specified a Thales Nederland combat management system (CMS)/sensor fit, the Raytheon Evolved SeaSparrow Missile System and Boeing Harpoon Block II anti-ship missiles. The underwater warfare suite would be provided by General Dynamics Mission Systems-Canada.

Fincantieri, which owns the Vard Braila and Tulcea shipyards in Romania, is offering a customised variant of the Abu Dhabi corvette previously built for the United Arab Emirates. It is likely that Vard Braila would be the focal point for both construction and in-service support if Fincantieri is selected.
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Damen protests Romanian corvette decision

Richard Scott, London - Jane's Navy International
11 July 2019

Dutch shipbuilding group Damen has filed a complaint with Romania's Consiliul Naţional de Soluţionare a Contestaţiilor (National Council for Solving Complaints - CNSC), following the selection of France's Naval Group as preferred supplier for Romania's multipurpose corvette programme.

In parallel, the company has filed a lawsuit at the Bucharest Tribunal alleging irregularities in the corvette acquisition process.

Damen Schelde Naval Shipbuilding, Fincantieri, and Naval Group submitted bids in October 2018 for the supply of four corvettes, plus the combat system modernisation of the Romanian Navy's two ex-UK Royal Navy Type 22 frigates, Regina Maria and Regele Ferdinand . In line with Romanian stipulations for local industry participation, all three contenders proposed build and in-service support in conjunction with subsidiaries or partners based in-country.