Creme facial contra agentes químicos

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Creme facial contra agentes químicos
« em: Agosto 04, 2006, 08:39:02 pm »
TIAX To Develop Skin Cream To Protect Soldiers From Chemical Warfare Agents

Not just for pretty faces, but also for prtection against chemical agents.

by Staff Writers
Cambridge MA (SPX) Jul 28, 2006

TIAX, a leading collaborative product and technology development firm, has announced that it was awarded a Phase II contract to continue development of a skin cream that protects users from exposure to chemical agents. The Phase II contract was awarded to TIAX by the Department of Defense Chemical and Biological Defense Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) program.

This new contract builds on work TIAX began as part of a Phase I contract to develop the initial concept for the cream and establish the efficacy of the neutralizing actives.

In Phase II, TIAX intends to develop a Neutralizing Skin Protectant for use in topical formulation prototypes that protect exposed skin from chemical agents while also neutralizing the agents into less toxic products before reaching the skin.

Testing by the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Chemical Defense will evaluate the efficacy of the formulations against the actual agents.

"Because they are fast acting and can cause debilitating, irreversible injuries, chemical warfare agents pose a significant threat to soldiers," said Kenan Sahin, TIAX CEO and Founder. "While soldiers are equipped with protective apparel to shield themselves from contamination, this gear is not always 100 percent effective. We are honored to work with the U.S. Army to develop new technology that will provide an added layer of protection against the devastating effects of chemical warfare."

Currently, the Army equips soldiers at risk for exposure to chemical warfare agents (CWAs) with Mission Oriented Protective Posture gear, including suits, masks, gloves, and boots. Although this gear is designed to protect soldiers from head to toe, there can be gaps in protection if the equipment does not fit correctly or is not fully secured. As a result, any exposed skin is vulnerable to contamination.

The decontaminating skin cream developed by TIAX will be used to seal off these exposed areas. It will be applied to the soldier before he or she enters into a potentially hazardous situation. If the soldier is exposed to a CWA, the cream protects the skin by both dissolving and neutralizing the agent. This dual action chemical process is the very first of its kind.

If proven effective in a military setting, the skin cream could be adopted for use in the private sector, such as among first responders. With its multiple in-house laboratories and extensive network base in industry, TIAX focuses on and has an excellent track record in developing technologies for commercialization.

Since 2002, TIAX has been awarded numerous Phase I and Phase II contracts through the SBIR program based on its expertise in multiple specialty areas, including protection from chemical and biological hazards, alternative fuel sources, portable power, indoor air quality, nanotechnology, micropower, exhaust emission control, medical devices, hybrid electric vehicles, and food and pharmaceutical reformulation.

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Bem, se for factor 30 não me importo de comprar alguns para a praia c34x