Laser-guided JDAM

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Laser-guided JDAM
« em: Fevereiro 04, 2005, 11:23:39 pm »
Boeing Laser JDAM Scores Direct Hit
(Source: Boeing Co.; issued Feb. 3, 2005)
 ST. LOUIS --- Boeing successfully conducted a guided flight test of the Boeing laser-guided Joint Direct Attack Munition at Eglin Air Force Base, Fla.  
A U.S. Air Force F-16 launched the 500-pound GBU-38 weapon from 25,000 feet and approximately six miles from its target. The weapon detected the target, illuminated by a ground-based laser, and scored a direct hit within five feet of the designated aimpoint. The flight test occurred on January 20.  
“The beauty of Laser JDAM is that it provides a highly affordable, highly desirable capability that can be installed on existing JDAMs without having to modify the aircraft’s software,” said Rick Heerdt, Boeing JDAM program manager. “When you consider that JDAM is operational on virtually every U.S. Air Force and Navy aircraft, including bombers, Laser-JDAM will be a huge benefit to the military and Boeing.”  
The laser-guided JDAM combines the combat proven GPS/INS adverse weather feature of standard JDAM with the clear-weather targeting laser-guided bombs offer. Testing of the system will continue throughout upcoming months against both fixed and moving targets.  
Production of the JDAM tail kits began in 1998, and In November, 2004, Boeing delivered the 100,000th JDAM guidance tail kit to the U.S. military.  
A unit of The Boeing Company, Boeing Integrated Defense Systems is one of the world's largest space and defense businesses. Headquartered in St. Louis, Boeing Integrated Defense Systems is a $27 billion business. It provides network-centric system solutions to its global military, government, and commercial customers. It is a leading provider of intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance systems; the world’s largest military aircraft manufacturer; the world’s largest satellite manufacturer and a leading provider of space-based communications; the primary systems integrator for U.S. missile defense and Department of Homeland Security; NASA’s largest contractor; and a global leader in launch services.