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Título: Bin Laden propõe paz a países europeus
Enviado por: Ricardo Nunes em Abril 15, 2004, 10:21:13 am
Bin Laden propõe paz aos países europeus
15-04-2004 07:20

Se estes não afrontarem países muçulmanos. EUA e Israel fora da proposta. Líder da Al-Qaeda promete vingança e justifica atentado de 11-M

Bin Laden propõe a paz aos países europeus, desde que estes se comprometam a não afrontar os estados muçulmanos. Bin Laden dá ainda um prazo limite de três meses para os europeus abandonarem os países muçulmanos.

«Estou a oferecer tréguas (à Europa) com o compromisso de parar com as operações contra qualquer Estado que prometa cessar os ataques a muçulmanos ou interferir nos seus assuntos», refere a voz, acrescentando que «o anúncio das tréguas começa com a retirada do último soldado da nossa terra e a porta está aberta durante três meses a contar da data da emissão desta mensagem».

Um vídeo exibido pela cadeia de televisão por satélite Al-Arabia, do Dubai, apresenta a voz de Osama bin Laden em que o líder da Al-Qaeda propõe a paz à Europa, desde que esta aceite não atacar os muçulmanos.

Os EUA estão excluídos do «plano» de paz, assim como Israel e a ONU. Bin Laden promete vingar a morte do líder do Hamas, Ahmed Yassin, a 22 de Março, num ataque dos militares israelitas.

«O Presidente Bush e os líderes da sua esfera, os grandes órgãos de comunicação social e as Nações Unidas, todos eles são um perigo fatal para o mundo, que tem no «lobby» sionista o seu membro mais perigoso e difícil. Insistimos em continuar a combatê-los», refere ainda.

O líder da Al-Qaeda justifica ainda os atentados de 11 de Março, em Madrid, referindo que essa «foi a resposta pelo envolvimento militar no Iraque».

Ainda não foi possível confirmar a autenticidade da gravação, muito embora a voz seja idêntica à de Bin Laden.

Enviado por: fgomes em Abril 15, 2004, 05:18:47 pm
Há muita gente na Europa cheia de vontade de aceitar esta proposta. São os adeptos da teoria que todos os males de Mundo vêm dos EUA, que mais não é que uma evolução daquela teoria que diz que só há crime porque existem polícias, tribunais etc.

Espero que não se ceda ao terrorismo, se não daqui a algum tempo, estamos a negociar a implantação da lei islâmica na Europa.
Enviado por: Ricardo Nunes em Abril 15, 2004, 05:30:09 pm
Esqueci-me de comentar: esta proposta é absurda

Penso que as pessoas têm por vezes tendências a confundir guerra contra o terrorismo ( e neste caso um tipo específico de terrorismo ) com a intervenção americana no Iraque. Digo isto porque já vi muito boa gente por aí ( outros fóruns ) a defender o diálogo. Para mim isso é inconcebível. Mário Soares decerto que teria uma opinião contrária...  :twisted:

Como responderia o General Mcauliff: "NUTS!"
Enviado por: Luso em Abril 15, 2004, 05:31:50 pm
Pancada no Mr. Bin!  :G-boxing:
Enviado por: Ricardo Nunes em Abril 15, 2004, 05:35:53 pm
The following comments reflect the balance of the opinions we have received:

A wonderful example of the "moving target" the Wahhabi Islamists have been utilizing from the start to try to bully the rest of the world. By agreeing to a truce with the terrorists, the European countries would be granting a state-like level of legitimacy, which would not be in accord with the level of responsibility Al Qaeda et al. have so far assumed.
Bret, USA

If you don't negotiate with terrorists they remain terrorists
Bede , USA

It's divide and conquer. Al-Qaeda are seeing that they can't fight every one at once. Turning America and Europe against each other will only help their cause.
Neil, Surrey

Why has he made this announcement? Things are getting tough for our mass-murdering friend. Now is the time for greater co-operation between all countries to eradicate the scourge of terrorism.
Neil McNaughton, UK

To all the people here who talk about signs of "weakness" and the like, take a step back from your offensive, take a nap, maybe some coffee and relax. Then start thinking. The Man says "Stop spilling our blood so we can Stop spilling Your Blood". I really don't know if a more simpler statement can be made. Seize the moment.
Mohammed I, Birmingham, UK

It is amazing how easily all the war fanatics on both sides of the Atlantic reject simple truths! How easily they forget that it is Americans, Israelis and some European governments, against the wish of their voters, that invaded Arab territory and not the other way round. Shame on our new Western "civilisation"!
Theo, Athens, Greece

Did millions die fighting fascism in World War Two just so we could capitulate to Bin Laden's Islamo-fascism? I think not. More troops please.
Howard, UK

As much as I detest Bush's way of 'fighting terrorism' and would like Europe to go another way - a deal for peace with the enemy has been made before. Chamberlain, anyone? And the war still came.
Camilla Sandman, Lier, Norway

Could Bush and Blair send him a videotape saying "stop attacking everyone" and then we can talk about truces and social change.
Iain, London

The doctrine that we should not negotiate with terrorists holds true... we should not pander to this weak and divisive tactic.
Dave, Manchester, UK

Seize the moment, be fair to your self. They are not terrorists, they are rebels and they have a fair case
Sea Sea, Taiwan

Why not? He asks to "stop attacking Muslims" and this should be done anyway.
Robert, Warszawa

Bin Laden can offer a truce, but those who want to control Iraqi oil will allow their people to die for the sake of Iraqi oil.
Fazal, Hyderabad Pakistan

Gosh! Do we really believe that Osama Bin Laden can guarantee the behaviour of all Islamic terrorists? Unfortunately, it seems that no single person speaks for Islam or for terrorists so I fail see how such a negotiation could occur.
Neil, UK

I'm flattered. He obviously thinks Europe is making a serious contribution to fighting terrorism. We should be encouraged by this to increase it.
Alex Swanson, Milton Keynes, UK

I think Osama is a real mastermind. He knows what appeals to Europeans and he is using it as a smart politician. This will bring a lot of credibility to his persona among us (Europeans).
Simon, Lithuania

Sounds fair to me. Had the U.S. a foreign policy which allowed for views other than their own, they might not be such a hated nation.
Rob Sich, Canada

The only decent European response to this threat is to send troops from all European countries to the region, to bring Bin Laden to Hague.
Henrik, Stockholm, Sweden

To all those that would consider this seriously I can only say "get real!" It is quite clearly an attempt to set Europe at odds with America.
We should remember that we have more in common with Americans than we will ever have with any Muslim nation.
Paul, Northampton, UK

Europe is already defeated. You may as well run-up the white flag and make it official! Bin Laden gauges Europe correctly! Weak, soft, impotent, decadent, etc.
Michael, USA

Negotiation is always preferable to conflict, and if a avenue of dialogue can be opened then excellent. However, Bin Laden has no political cause other than the 'destruction of the infidels'. His philosophy is pure hatred and violence and he has to be brought to justice for his crimes. This offer appears to be the desperate actions of a man who can feel the noose tightening around his neck. Those who are working to stop him should be encouraged.
Greg, Edinburgh

As a British Muslim, I have no wish to see terrorist atrocities perpetrated by al-Qaeda anywhere in the UK, either on my beloved friends and family, or on anyone else. So, if British intelligence agencies can negotiate a truce, I can walk safely in London once again.
Hasna Fateh, London, United Kingdom

If the offer proves to be authentic, then Europe should consider it. It turns out that the "hatred against the Western world" is really a hatred against the US and their allies.
Dominic van der Zypen, Berne, Switzerland

Absolutely not, Bin Laden is a mass-murderer. If we do as he asks we might be free from attacks for a few years maybe but eventually terrorism will come back to the shores of Europe. To make peace with this monster would be a mistake, just as seeking peace with Hitler was.
Richard, UK

Absolutely. This is an American "war" (their words!) and anything to remove the threat of terrorism from Europe should be welcomed.
Al, Bristol, England

If true, it's a sign of weakness, he still hates the West and all it stands for, but knows he is facing his comeuppance, so is trying to divide the West. Let's not forget the thousands who he has killed, including the Brits killed in New York on 11 September. We should finish him off.
John, UK

We don't negotiate with mass murderers. We hunt them down and deliver them to justice.
Roger Morgan Freedlan, Whitwick, England

I hope no one is taken in by this divide and conquer approach. Stop your suicide bombers Osama and the world will talk and listen to you!
Alan Barnett, London, UK

All offers of peace should be considered, without exception.
Dan, UK (

Fiquei de boca aberta a ler alguns destes comentários. Pelos vistos, de ambos os lados do atlântico, ainda existe muito boa gente com pouco bom senso.  :roll:  :roll:

PS É interessante que a resposta que eu mais gostei vem precisamente de um país tradicionalmente neutro sem qualquer problema de terrorismo no seu passado recente.

The only decent European response to this threat is to send troops from all European countries to the region, to bring Bin Laden to Hague.
Henrik, Stockholm, Sweden
Enviado por: Spectral em Abril 15, 2004, 09:33:20 pm
A velha táctica do "dividir para reinar" continua a funcionar a servir...

E sim, maluquinhos, tolos, idiotas, desbocados, extremistas, fundamentalistas,... existem em todo o lado. Mas às vezes parece que existem mais nuns sítios que outros :nice: