A invasao de Timor durante a Segunda Guerra Mundial

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Re: A invasao de Timor durante a Segunda Guerra Mundial
« Responder #15 em: Outubro 19, 2020, 08:00:28 pm »

It was the end of 1941, the Japanese had launched their centrifugal offensive, a southern attack that stretched across nine-time zones, intending to secure the resources-rich Western possessions in Southeast Asia.

After securing the line of communication in the southern Philippines, a detachment of the Japanese 16th army along with the navy eastern force had punched through the eastern flank of the dutch east indies, and by February 1942, as the mighty Kido Butai wrecked havoc at darwin, they were ready to strike Timor, the last lifeline of hope the allied forces in Java.

The Battle of Timor was one of the stepping stones of the Japanese conquest of the ultimate prize, the Island of Java.
The conquest was started on 20th February 1942 and Ends 4 days later.
The defending force consisted of troops from the Australian Army, and Dutch Colonial Army was defeated by the Japanese Army and Japanese Marine Paratroopers.
Timor was important for allied survival on Java, without it, Java was complete Isolated, and, for Japan, it was important to isolate Java before the Invasion of Java itself.
The Battle of Timor was considered as one Forgotten war in Pacific War Theatre.

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