Do NPO2000 para A futura Corveta

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Re: Do NPO2000 para A futura Corveta
« Responder #135 em: Junho 09, 2021, 09:08:34 am »
Afinal não é só cá que os OPVs passam por "fragatas" :D

BEIRUT — The Lebanese Navy expects to receive seven offshore patrol vessels, including four with help from France and three Protector-class OPVs that are part of U.S. military aid.

“Currently, there is coordination with French shipbuilders to supply Lebanon with four OPV frigates, of 65- and 75-[meters] length each,” Navy Commander Senior Capt. Haissam Dannaoui, told Defense News recently.

The French ships are not part of that country’s military assistance to Lebanon, he added, but they will be financed through a loan from France in accordance with the Rome 2 Conference, a 2018 ministerial meeting in Italy in support of Lebanon’s armed forces.

France is expected to open a credit line of 400 million euros (about $488 million) to allow the Lebanese government to purchase French military equipment.

“In regard to the specifications and cost of these vessels, we are still negotiating them, and we hope to reach an agreement soon,” Dannaoui responded June 3 to Defense News questions.

In early May, the U.S. Defense Department notified Lebanon of planned delivery in 2022 of the three Protector-class patrol boats. The ships will help counter regional threats and keep maritime passages open, the U.S. State Department said May 21 in a statement after the first Defense Resourcing Conference to discusses deepening the two countries’ security collaboration.

Mas sendo libaneses o conceito de complexidade deve ser igual. 
Aquela linha saloia



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Re: Do NPO2000 para A futura Corveta
« Responder #136 em: Junho 09, 2021, 11:17:27 am »
Pois nós cá só nos comparamos com países desses.  ::)