France – Italy: Multi-mission Frigates

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France – Italy: Multi-mission Frigates
« em: Maio 18, 2004, 10:26:03 pm »
Ora aqui está um exemplo do que é o uso de alianças estratégicas entre duas nações, para o desenvolvimento e fábrico de plataformas militares.


France – Italy: Multi-mission Frigates
(Source: French Ministry of Defence; issued May 17, 2004)

(Issued in French only; unofficial translation by

The French and Italian defence ministers have together reviewed progress on the definition phase of a joint program intended to develop and build 27 multi-mission frigates (17 for France, 10 for Italy). The lead ship for each country is to be commissioned in 2008.

Based on progress achieved to date, the ministers reaffirmed their countries’ intention to sign the development and production contract for the programme in October, at the Euronaval naval exhibition held in Paris.

Talks to date have resulted in agreement on a common vessel platform displacing 5,500 metric tones and powered by gas turbines. Similar discussions are continuing on the definition of the ships’ combat management system.

The common goal is a new class of multi-mission frigates that will decisively contribute both to meeting the naval requirements of the two countries, and to the development of European defence capabilities.

France and Italy are already jointly involved in several major bilateral programs in the naval (Horizon-class anti-air frigates, MU90 torpedoes, SLAT torpedo defence system) as well as medium-range air-defense (PAAMS, SAMP/T) fields.

The multi-mission frigate programme was launched by the two ministers during the summer of 2002. The political determination to support the program was confirmed by the 22nd French-Italian summit meeting on Nov. 7th, 2002.

A bilateral framework agreement, signed by the two countries in June 2003, authorized the launch of preliminary technical and operational definition studies, and to evaluate the financial and industrial aspects of the programme. ... le=release
"Esta é a ditosa pátria minha amada."


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Thales wins major maintenance contract from French armed forces

Frances new joint service maintenance authority, SIMMAD, has awarded Thales a support contract dubbed Silouet*. The five-year contract covers all Thales equipment used on fighters (except Rafale) and helicopters deployed by French armed forces.

According to Silouet, the French acronym for "industrial support for operational logistics and users of Thales equipment," repairs are provided on a fixed-price basis, according to the forecast number of flight-hours for each aircraft type. Thales takes charge of transport and logistics from armed forces warehouses, and will provide complete technical support services to users.

"A fixed-price contract greatly simplifies administrative and logistics aspects," notes Herv Hamy, project manager at Thales. "We can therefore make a commitment to a maximum in-process time, based on repair priorities, which directly meets SIMMADs requirement for dispatch reliability." In addition, a recurring resupply service means that Thales can establish a five-year plan for spare parts covering about 30% of the armed forces needs, with the balance being handled on the usual case by case basis. Thales will also be able to manage obsolescence, to minimize impact on equipment repairability, and handle most of these cases on a fixed-price basis.

The overall contract, organized in five lots, covers some 1,300 parts numbers, and provides for the repair of nearly 20,000 subassemblies and components over the five-year period, within the scope of the established fixed-price agreement. "This is the largest MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul) contract of this type signed by the Thales group to date, in terms of both the amount of the contract and the guarantees provided," underscores Pierre-Eric Pommellet, head of Thales' Avionics for Military Aircraft unit.