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Título: Nova planta da Eurocopter em Espanha?
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Nova planta da Eurocopter em Espanha?

"FAM del Mundo"

"Voltou a surgir com força a possibilidade de que, em breve, se decida o lugar
final de uma planta de montagem de helicópteros da empresa Eurocopter em
Espanha. O lugar final da mesma, que irá generar 450 postos de trabalho
directos, está sendo disputada entre Madrid, Castilha la Mancha e Aragão. A
instalação de dita planta é devida ao grande numero de aparelhos desta firma
que as Forças Armadas Espanholas e as Forças e Corpos de Segurança vão receber
no futuro. Ainda mais dos 24 helicópteros de ataque tiger, as FAMET vão
seleccionar como helicóptero de treino primário o EC-120 (já no EA) e a
Guardia Civil e a Policia Nacional estão já incorporando os aparelhos do modelo
EC-135, dos que se esperam adquirir 51 exemplares para substituir a actual frota
de BO-105. A fábrica servirá para montagem final dos modelos adquiridos por
Espanha mas também para fabricação de outros modelos para a sua venda no mercado

Um exemplo a seguir, e mesmo aqui ao lado.
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Eurocopter hand over first AS332L2 to Bond Offshore Helicopters

Geoffrey Williams, the Managing Director of Bond Offshore Helicopter Ltd, was in Eurocopter's Marignane Plant to take delivery of the first of the six AS 332 L2 Super Pumas ordered by the company.

In September 2002, Bond Offshore Helicopters Ltd and Eurocopter signed a contract worth close to 80 million euros for the delivery of six 6 AS 332 L2s.  Five of these aircraft will be delivered before July 2004 in the Crew Change configuration.  The 6th aircraft will be delivered in August 2005, making it one of the most advanced SAR helicopters in the world.

This contract marked the return of the company to offshore activities thanks to a service contract with BP, the worlds second largest oil company.

Eurocopter has played an active part in consolidating this new activity, specifically by training the aircrews in Helisim's flight simulation facilities. For manufacturer and operator alike, the support aspect has been a key factor in meeting the challenge facing Bond Offshore Helicopters.

The AS 332 L2 Super Pumas will operate in the North Sea to service oil production platforms located 140 nautical miles from the coast. The Crew Change helicopters will be stationed in Aberdeen where Bond Offshore Helicopters has opened new facilities. This version of the helicopter incorporates several improvements, including the latest generation ventilation system and staggered seats for greater comfort.
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Eurocopter answers to expansion of the European Union with a new helicopter concept

Eurocopter has developed its own concept of a helicopter to meet the security requirements of the new members of the EU. A basic version of the EC 135 can be equipped with modular, special mission packs in order to perform a wide range of tasks, for example: border surveillance or disaster and rescue duties. Other models back up this marketing offensive.

To this end, the basic EC 135 model can be equipped with standardized, dedicated mission packs that can be changed quickly and provide the customer a high degree of flexibility and communality.

The individual mission packs are as follows:

Emergency Medical Service Pack
 Light Surveillance Pack
Search & Rescue Pack
 Surveillance Pack
Evacuation Pack
 Training Pack
Quick Reaction Pack
 Natural Disaster Pack
Ferry Pack
 Flood Pack
Passenger Transportation Pack
 Firefighting Pack

The objective is to introduce uniform helicopter fleets that, in spite of the variety of missions, are at least 90% common, and offer thanks to this modular concept a high technically proven, cost efficient regional solution. Furthermore, Eurocopters concept also provides the optimum logistic conditions for unified maintenance, customer service and overhaul together with joint training of the helicopter crews.

Both the Romanian Ministry of Interior and the Czech Police already fly the EC 135. Further customers of reference for the EC 135 in Europe are a.o. the German BGS and ADAC, the Austrian AMTC and the Swedish Polis.

To complement the new E.U. members security requirements, Eurocopter also offers its EC 635 and EC 145 in addition to the EC 135. This allows a broad and highly sufficient type-communality, which is comparable with the highly successful Airbus A 320 philosophy.

EC 635 the strongpoint for security precaution
The EC 635, the military version of the successful EC 135 twin-engine light helicopter, is already successfully used by Jordan for scout duties. At this years ILA, Eurocopter is showing an EC 635 helicopter in static display, which has been further adapted to demanding customer requirements. The additions include a chaff and flare dispenser, a missile launch detector and troop seating that is particularly suitable for the roping missions of special commandos. In addition, the EC 635 is now equipped with night vision goggle compatible cabin equipment.

The EC 635 is one of the most versatile aircraft for military and paramilitary purposes and thus particularly suited to homeland security requirements. These also include search and rescue (SAR) missions, troop transport, reconnaissance and observation, training and supplies.

Furthermore, a number of weapon systems are qualified for the EC 635. These include a 12.7-mm machine cannon, type HMP 400, a 20-mm cannon type GIAT NC621 and the type FZ 231 rocket launcher for twelve 70-mm caliber rockets.

The outstanding characteristics of the EC 635 include high mission efficiency, suitability for both day and night missions and the use of night vision goggles, high performance and an advanced maintenance concept. The EC 635 can be equipped with a glass cockpit, comparable to modern civil aircraft, which contributes to pilot comfort.

EC 145 in police uniform
In both Germany and France, the EC 145 is already successfully used as a police helicopter and completes the top end of Eurocopters Homeland Security concept in the 4-tonne helicopter class. The twin-engine helicopter can accommodate up to 10 persons and has a maximum take-off weight of 3,585 kg. Its roomy cabin is easily accessible through side and rear doors and can be used in various interior configurations.

Extensive special police equipment is available to support its use both day and night, such as an extremely powerful search light with infrared supplementary lens for effective search and find by night. In addition the cockpit and cabin are equipped to allow the use of residual light amplifying goggles and infrared and video cameras. It also has special commando roping equipment and an external loudspeaker. The flight equipment includes a multi-axis autopilot and a flight management system (FMCS) that makes it possible to fly in precise mapping squares. Air-controlled police intervention is further optimised by a highly modern digital mapping device.

The EC 145 is approved for single and two-pilot IFR (Instrument Flight Rule) and has a digital glass cockpit (MEGHAS-Avionique) that was developed as a part of a Eurocopter cockpit family concept. This significantly reduces both the pilot workload and the training and instruction required when operating different helicopter types. Also significantly reduced is the total life-cycle cost, as the machine is designed for particularly low maintenance.

Compared with older helicopter models, the EC 145 has significantly reduced noise emissions that are 6.7 dB below the standard prescribed by the International Civil Aircraft Organisation for helicopters in this weight class. It is thus particularly environmentally friendly.

Eurocopter is a wholly-owned subsidiary of EADS. EADS is a world-leading aerospace and defence manufacturing and services company. In 2003, EADS made a turnover of 301,000 million euro and counted 109,000 employees. The EADS Group includes the aircraft manufacturer, Airbus, the worlds largest helicopter manufacturer, Eurocopter, and the joint venture, MDBA, the second largest manufacturer of guided missiles in the world. EADS is the main partner in the Eurofighter Consortium, leading contractor for the Ariane launch vehicle, is developing the A400M military transport aircraft and is the largest industrial partner in Galileo, the European satellite navigation system.