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Nammo Lapua
« em: Dezembro 14, 2004, 12:39:59 am »
Nammo Supplies New Small Caliber Ammunition for Swedish Defence Forces
(Source: Nammo; issued Dec. 10, 2004)
 Nammo and its Small Caliber Division (SCD) have signed delivery agreements with the Swedish Defence Forces (SDF).  
Nammo has based on a SDF requirement developed a new generation of 5.56mm and 7.62mm short-range ammunition in an open competition. The new short-range ammunition, intended both for training and operations, has the same function and performance as the standard round up to 200 m but with a maximum safety distance of 1000 m, compared to 4500 m for 7.62 mm. In addition the short range round has a reduced ricochet risk and is also a Non-Toxic design.  
The Swedish Defence Forces also signed some substantial long-term supply agreements for its base supply of Non-Toxic small calibre ammunition, regarding which Nammo is also evaluating new operational concepts for more effective logistics and increased delivery flexibility. Benefits of Nammo Non-Toxic cartridge designs are that they offer a non-toxic heavy metal free solution while still meeting all NATO requirements and adding an improved penetration performance. This will eliminate health issues connected to heavy metals and also eliminate need for ex-pensive lead de-contamination of training ranges.  
For the user there will be no difference in training and use except for the added high performance that will improve the capabilities of the forces using Nammo Non Toxic High Performance ammunition “These agreements give Nammo a strong base for further focusing its resources on the development and delivery of state-of-the-art small calibre ammunition for the future agile military forces and evaluating broader defence and industry cooperation in the logistical chain”, mentions Nammo’s EVP Jan M. Koivurinta.  
The contracts represent a total value of approx. 350 MSEK, including options, and strengthen Nammo’s Nordic operational cooperation and forms an important base for building the future Nordic small calibre ammunition specializations, where the Vanäsverken site focuses on becoming a leading military speciality projectile developer, with the ability for broad LAP and delivery capability for small calibre ammunition. (ends)  
 The Finnish Defence Forces and Nammo Lapua Oy Signed Again a Substantial Agreement
(Source: Nammo; issued Dec. 10, 2004)
 The Finnish Defence Forces and Nammo Lapua Oy have made an agreement regarding deliveries of artillery charges in years 2007-2008. The value of the agreement is in excess of 15 MEUR.  
Nammo Lapua Oy has had long-term cooperation with the Finnish Defence Forces e.g. in “the heavy ammunition” development and manufacturing. The now signed agreement is a natural continuance of this cooperation, - and a continuance within the six-year agreement signed in 2003.  
The signed procurement agreement is along the defence policy, which requires domestic manufacturing capability and procurements from industry in order to sustain and develop the preparedness and know-how within Finland. The agreement is part of the procurement assets reserved for the period 2003-2008 for domestic industry.  
Nammo Lapua Oy’s have to-date signed contracts to a value of approx. 100 MEUR of this procurement programme.  
Colonel Mikko Myllykangas from the Finnish Defence Forces Materiel Command states that “the agreement is a continuation for the significant agreements made with Nammo Lapua Oy during the last two years. Nammo Lapua Oy is a reliable cooperation partner with ability to develop and manufacture demanding charge systems for the Defence Forces.”  
Jan M. Koivurinta, President of Nammo Lapua Oy, point out that, “The now signed agreement establishes of stronger position of the Finnish domestic ammunition industry, as well as adds to the know-how in Finland and enables Nammo to operate as a more long-term domestic partner with the Finnish Defence Forces, - and certainly also in future in larger projects with FDF”.