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Re: Marinha Alemã (BundesMarine)
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German-Norwegian Type 212 CD submarine contract to be signed early 2020

German Navy photo of a Type 212 submarine

The Norwegian and German defense procurement agencies have evaluated a thyssenkrupp Marine Systems proposal for the construction of six Type 212 CD (common design) submarines and are now expecting a contract with the shipbuilder to be signed in the first half of 2020.

The governments of Norway and Germany are currently in the phase of contract negotiation with TKMS, who was selected as the preferred bidder in February 2017.

Norway is acquiring four units while Germany, which already operates six Type 212 submarines, will acquire another two.
The two countries expect the deliveries to start in 2026.

In addition to joint procurement of submarines, Germany and Norway have established a navy-to-navy cooperation, research and development cooperation and a missile cooperation.

The new Type 212 CD submarines will share the low signatures of the Type 212 boats in service with the navies of Germany and Italy but will have extended range, speed and endurance to allow worldwide operations, according to TKMS.

Norway is acquiring four air-independent submarines to replace the existing six Ula-class submarines that were commissioned between 1989-1992. The submarines were designed to last for 30 years and will reach the end of their life in the mid-2020s. The country has also brought in UK-based BMT Defence Services (BMT) as a consultant in the project.

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