Exército Italiano

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Exército Italiano
« em: Julho 29, 2018, 03:25:40 pm »
New Wheeled Tanks for the Italian Army

 The Italian MOD has ordered the first ten Centauro II wheeled tanks from Iveco-Oto Melara consortium (CIO). This award, worth 159 million Euro, that includes the procurement of vehicles, equipment, and logistics, is the first tranche of a planned procurement of 136 vehicles.

 Modernizing the Centauro vehicle fleet currently in service with the Italian Army, the “New Blindo Centauro”, as it is called by the Italian Army marks a major step forward compared to the previous Centauro I, in terms of power, observation capability, mobility, ergonomics, firing range, communication, and maximum crew protection.

 The new wheeled tank is a member of Iveco’s 8×8 family of vehicles used by the mechanized brigades of the Italian Army. Capable of operating in various scenarios, from national security missions to peace-keeping and support operations including all interventions involving the Italian Armed Forces.

 At a gross vehicle weight of 30 tonnes, Centauro II is equipped with a new Iveco Vector 8V EURO III powerpack delivering over 720hp, resulting in a combat power to weight ratio of 24 hp/t.

 Coupled to an automatic gearbox with 7 forward and 1 reverse gears, the vehicle uses an 8×8 H-drive architecture with hydro-pneumatic, independent suspension, three steering axles, and central tire pressure digitally controlled system (CTIS) the vehicle offers superior mobility over rough terrain. Centauro II can travel over 800 km on road, at a top speed of up to 105 km/h; three steerable axles enable turning circle radius of 9 meters while the all-wheel drive enable crossing a two-meter wide trench, moving a 60% gradient, and 30% slope at ease.


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