Embarcações e Navios Vintage

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Re: Embarcações e Navios Vintage
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25 November 1941

While steaming to cover an attack on Italian convoys, the Queen Elizabeth-class 15in gun Battleship - HMS Barham was hit by three torpedoes from the German submarine U-331, captained by Kapitänleutnant Freiherr Hans-Diedrich von Tiesenhausen. As she rolled over to port, her after magazines exploded and the ship quickly sank with the loss of over two-thirds of her crew.
(841 men lost their lives when this battleship was sunk according to the HMS Barham Association website).

"The time 4.19pm, a sudden violent explosion, the ship listed sharply to starboard and then rolled back to port. "Close up" shouted Spoff Berry, like me, he must have thought that our 15" guns had opened up for some inexplicable reason. We closed up at our stations rapidly but quickly realised that we had been hit as this mighty battle wagon listed more and more to port....."
(Survivor - battery gun “Sight setter” Bryan Samuels)

On November 25 Kapitänleutnant Von Tiesenhausen, commanding the U-331 off the border of Egypt and Libya in the eastern Mediterranean, spotted a procession of three British battleships flanked by eight destroyers. Displaying consummate nerve, Tiesenhausen eased his boat at periscope depth (less than 75 feet) between two destroyers and, from 1,200 yards, fired four torpedoes at the middle battleship in the line. He had no idea which ship it was that he had sunk, by fate or luck. Only months later would he learn it was the Barham. He was so busy trying to escape and save his crew, he only heard the explosion.

(The sinking was captured on film by a cameraman from Pathé News, aboard HMS Valiant.)

(Colourised by Royston Leonard)


"Nunca, no campo dos conflitos humanos, tantos deveram tanto a tão poucos." W.Churchil



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