MLU às VdG e/ou BD - Hipóteses

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Re: MLU às VdG e/ou BD - Hipóteses
« Responder #1320 em: Setembro 25, 2019, 02:53:46 pm »
In 1992, Signaal introduced an upgrade package for the LW.08 radars. This comprises a solid state D-band transmitted unit, designated D-SSTX, which improves serviceability by reducing the probability of total shutdown resulting from a single component failure. This has previously been a noted drawback associated with the linear amplifier devices previously used in the LW.08 radars. The D-SSTX transmitter has been delivered to the Royal Netherlands Navy and will be used to retrofit existing installations. The LW.08 radars equipped with the new transmitter units, whether supplied as such or older models retrofitted, will be known as LW.09 systems. The same transmitter assembly will also be used on the SMART-L radar.

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