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Conflitos do Presente / Re: Yemen
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How the Saudis Turned the Yemen War Into a Humanitarian Crisis
By Glen Carey  and Sarah Algethami

In Yemen, a three-year conflict has produced what United Nations officials call “the worst man-made humanitarian crisis of our time.” Markets, hospitals and other civilian sites have been repeatedly attacked. Disease and hunger rival bombs and gunfire as the biggest dangers to ordinary people. Yemen was already the poorest country in the Middle East; the war has it headed toward famine. A UN-mandated investigation concluded that all the major parties to the conflict, especially a Saudi Arabian-led coalition and the Yemeni government it backs, have shown a disregard for civilian life possibly amounting to war crimes.

1. Who’s fighting whom?
Broadly, on one side are Houthi rebels, members of a Shiite Muslim tribe from the mountains of northern Yemen, who took control of the capital, Sana’a, and other cities in 2015. They complain of marginalization of their community and are supported by Shiite-majority Iran. On the other side stand forces of the internationally recognized Yemeni government and allied militias backed by Saudi Arabia and its coalition of mainly Sunni Muslim nations.

2. Why is Saudi Arabia involved?
Its leaders say they feared that Houthi control of Yemen would give Iran a foothold in the Arabian peninsula that would threaten Saudi interests. Iran and Saudi Arabia are engaged in a larger battle for dominance in the Arab world.

3. How has the fighting affected civilians?
The recorded civilian death toll from fighting so far is about 7,000, although UN officials believe the actual number is substantially higher. Most casualties have been the result of coalition air strikes, according to the Aug. 28 report of investigators commissioned by the UN Human Rights Council. The panel reviewed coalition air strikes that hit residential areas in 60 cases; marketplaces in 11 cases; civilian boats in 11 cases; and medical, educational, cultural or religious sites in 32 cases. It said such strikes may amount to war crimes. The investigators said they gathered reports of shelling into civilian areas by Houthi forces that required further investigation.

4. What’s the famine risk?
UN officials say that 8 million of the country’s 28 million people need emergency food assistance to survive. Humanitarian workers have already discovered parts of the country where famine-like conditions exist and people are eating leaves to survive.

5. Why is there so much hunger?
Yemen relies heavily on imports for its food supplies. The country grows only about 5 percent of the wheat it consumes. That’s because freshwater for crops is scarce, and farmers increasingly have turned to cultivating the more profitable qat, a narcotic leaf that 90 percent of Yemeni men chew on a daily basis. The Saudi-led coalition has disrupted food and other supplies coming into Yemen by imposing a naval blockade on ports in the Houthi-controlled north, notably Hodeidah and Salif, which normally handle about 80 percent of imports. Coalition ships have held up vessels bound for the ports for significant periods or diverted them to other countries. At times they’ve stopped all traffic.

Exércitos/Sistemas de Armas / Re: Exército dos EUA
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10th MTN Soldiers learn how to use new ITWS on M3 Carl Gustaf

New Equipment Trainers of Project Manager Soldier Sensors and Lasers partnered with Project Manager Soldier Weapons and taught 2nd Battalion, 22nd Infantry Regiment Soldiers to use the Integrated Thermal Weapons Sight on the M3 Multi-role Anti-armor Anti-tank Weapon System Carl Gustaf Recoilless Rifle. The ITWS incorporates the AN/PAS-13E Thermal Weapons Sight and the AN/PSQ-23A Small Tactical Optical Rifle Mounted Laser Range Finder. The live-fire training occurred on a range on Fort Drum, New York.

PM SSL is part of Program Executive Office Soldier and equips Soldiers with sensors, lasers and precision targeting devices to dominate the battlefield through improved lethality, mobility, situational awareness and survivability in all operational environments. PM SW is also part of PEO Soldier and equips Soldiers with individual and crew served weapons to dominate the battlefield through improved lethality in all operational environments.

“We had a capability gap in that we could not effectively engage targets at night with the ‘Carl-G’ (M3),” said Capt. Alex Stewart, 2-22 Infantry Assistant Operations and Planning. “I expected our Soldiers to learn how to mount, operate, and make adjustments to the ITWS to give us that capability.”

“Our task, or rather challenge, was not just to train Soldiers to operate the system to engage targets at night,” Captain Stewart said. “It was two-fold: We needed to establish that capability, and equip leaders with the knowledge to train other Soldiers within our anti-tank sections. This training allowed us to do both.”

To train the Soldiers, the NET had two objectives, according to Lonnie Schnepp, Special Operations Training Instructor Lead with PM SSL. The first was to train the Soldiers on how to operate the TWS and the STORM laser range finder, and integrate both of those systems onto the M3.

The second objective, according to Schnepp, was to increase the lethality of the 2-22 Infantry’s AT section. Schnepp said the use of the TWS allows the detection and engagement of targets 24/7 including during limited visibility. Additionally, the TWS AN/PAS-13E variant is equipped with software that allows precise range and aiming calculations when used in conjunction with the STORM.

Exércitos/Sistemas de Armas / Re: Exército Grego/Helénico
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Nós por cá, como somos chiques, queremos tudo de ultima linha, e participar nos programas tipo NH-90..

Com o que se investiu no NH-90 já podiamos ter BlackHawks e Kiowas.. mas cá no burgo o pessoal tem medo dos "americas".
Mundo / Re: Brexit
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Meio milhão nas ruas contra o Brexit

Exércitos/Sistemas de Armas / Re: Exército Brasileiro
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Conheça os generais envolvidos no projeto de governo escravista de Bolsonaro

A campanha de Jair Bolsonaro conta inúmeros generais em posições estratégicas e como seus apoiadores. Conheça aqui alguns dos principais articuladores da campanha e do projeto de governo e suas políticas ultradireitistas.
Armadas/Sistemas de Armas / Re: Marinha Real Canadiana
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Tudo se está a alinhar para a Type 26 ser a fragata de eleição dos 'Five Eyes'. Já só faltam a NZ e os EUA.

Conflitos do Passado e História Militar / Re: Efemérides
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Neste mesmo dia, em 1944, o general MacArthur regressa às Filipinas para expulsar o exército Japonês. Em 1942 os japoneses obrigaram à retirada dos exércitos aliados das Filipinas, comandados por MacArthur, que prometeu regressar para libertar o país. A 20 de outubro de 1944, desembarcou na ilha de Leyte, cumprindo a sua promessa, expulsando o exército japonês no ano seguinte.

Área Livre-Outras Temáticas de Defesa / Re: Espaço
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Tecnologia portuguesa com sucesso a caminho de Mercúrio

Armadas/Sistemas de Armas / Re: Marinha Real Canadiana
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Que irá ser a escolhida pela NZ não tenho dúvida, já quanto aos EUA.................... ::)

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